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    Ok me and my boy always argue about which pistols are best: glocks vs sig. His defense is U.S. seals uses Sigs for use but glocks are used by many, around the world. So my questions are mainly for military members or know someone in the military... Which personal pistols do you prefer glocks or Sigs? And why... I know I'm gnNa get Glocks over all since this is a Glock forum....
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    My buddy used the same reason; sigs are used by the seals. Lol

  3. I'm pretty adaptable, I can shoot just about anything within reason. I really like the Glock simplicity, one pin punch is all you need to totally take the weapon down to parts. Most guns you need more tools to get them detail stripped down that far. That's a big plus for Glock. Also there's so few parts in a Glock which I think adds to reliability, less parts, less parts to break or mess up.
    I think I've finally found "The One" in my G30 that I just picked up. Small enough for CCW, 10+1 rounds(ok, I can only get the mag to seat with 9 rounds but still, that's 9+1 rounds) of 45acp in an accurate package that has IMHO very manageable recoil, yep, I'd take my Glock even though I do really like Sigs.
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    "A Sig is what you show your friends. A Glock is what you show the bad guys".

    Reliable, rugged, simple and does what's its made to do...If I had to train a newbie in a few seconds to protect them self from brain thirsty zombies ... Then glock will be my go to gun.
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    Sigs are very reliable and yes some seals carry Sigs some glocks and some even carry 1911 style pistols of several different company's! Us special forces especially seals get whatever they want! My gun instructer trains with seals and rangers a lot and from what he has seen they carry a wide variety of side arms and battle rifles! The biggest difference to me between all the guns is how easy it is to clean the Glock some use a dishwasher I personally run my sink full of water drop it in leave for a few minutes get it out use a rag to wipe it down and put it back together put it in my mtac Minotaur and I'm done! O would never clean one of my 1911 pistols that way lol
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    Seals also use HK Mark23s and the new Mark24.
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    Everyone in the 75th has been issued a Glock 19. Don't know about the Reccies.
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    Lots of fine pistols made today. I love both Glocks and SIGS and own lots of both. But for extreme engineering, quality, and quality control, I give top billing to Heckler & Koch. Bill
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    Sigs are nice, but way overpriced and heavy.
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    I think the answer is pretty much "yes":
  11. I just wish they'd adopt the G21 for Duty and G30 Special Carry and be done with it. That way we'd get a lot of used mags on the market for us to buy up on the cheap.LOL.:D
  12. I have them both. Glock pistols a gen3 g34 and a gen3 g22c in sig a ke code all german 226 and a new production 220.Sig is all name and high price!I shot the 34 against the 226 the 226 does have a shorter barrel.But rested and shooting at 3yds should make it a close comparsion. The 34 put it to shame!I also tested my stainless CZ75 with them and the CZ won!CZs don't get the recognition they deserves!Ilike my 220 sig the best a$900 pistol.I like my CZs the bestI have two and a half.The half is a 22lr kadet kit.Which is the most accurate 22lr I have shot!It shot rings around my ruger 22/45. Ilike CZ the best followed closely by Glock the sig.
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  13. Can one go wrong with either? I have two Glocks and two Sigs. All outstanding and I think it all depends on the needs of the user and what they prefer. I'm a Navy pilot and though I retire soon, if I were to go into harm's way....and granted, if pilots are using their hand guns, the you know what has hit the fan...I would carry a G19, hands down. For me, the reason is the G19 is light, easy to carry and conceal in gear. Same reason I use my G19 for my edc, it's light, plenty of rounds, easy to conceal. I love my Sig's but they are a bit heavy, large, not so easy to least my full sized 226 Navy and 2022.
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    Hey Bunk! Thanks for your service Sir!! I was in from 77-83. Plane Captain( Line Puke) Roosie Roads, Vc-8 TA-4j #13 We have a Military and Leo forum here if you PM HAVASU or TXSHOOTER they will let you in!! Thanks again!!
  15. At war I'll take my GLOCK any day!!!!
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    At war or the local mall its really about the same around here!
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    Best in terms of what criteria?

    Government agencies buy through the lowest bidder. Hence, the Beretta M9. SpecWar/SpecOps buy based upon needs.

    By the way, They are SEALs (Sea, Air, and Land) or S.E.A.L.s "seals" are what get clubbed for their fur. SEALs DO the clubbing (or beating, shooting, or whatever means that they accomplish their objective).

    I have Glocks, H&Ks, a Beretta 92FS, and Sig Sauers.

    For military or law enforcement, a rail is important for a light. GLOCK, SIG, HK

    Durability in harsh environments is essential for military. GLOCK, HK

    Accuracy and reliability are equal.

    Ease of use is critical. Glock. No safety, decocker. Simple. Fewer parts.

    Some folks need safety (double action, double action only): Sig, HK, Beretta

    Weight is important and they all fit that bill.

    Maintenance: Glock over HK over Sig for simplicity.

    Cost: Glock wins by a landslide over Sig and H&K

    Grip Size for all sizes of users: well that's another topic altogether.
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    The older P226 models and the Glock Gen3 are both fine weapons. They both resist dirt well and function well. I have shot a 226 to the point that it needed a barrel replacement (battered at the area where it locked to the slide and had excessive headspace) and there was a deep groove in the alloy frame which I'm sure would eventually would have cracked. It was still reliable though. I haven't been able to ruin a Glock yet and the Glock is so easy to repair and maintain it's a no brainer that it goes with me everywhere.
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    I would say that LARGE GOVT agencies accept the lowest bid, But specialized units or Spec Operations units go with whatever they feel is the best weapon..

    For instance the USMC is buying $22.5 Million on New 1911's something like 12,000 of em, off the top of my head thats like more then $1800 a pistol..

    Seems like FDR was right about the Mil Ind Complex possibly taking over the USA if the Voters allowed it to, thats way too much money for only 12,000 Handguns, like they DOD couldnt have bid that out ??

    I guess it the Govt ( Homeland Sec, DoD, and the rest of the Govt no longer worries about price tag anymore after 9/11, which I dont agree with..But I digress !
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    It was Eisenhower that warned of the military industrial complex.