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I have both a mod30 and also colt 1911 delta elite 10mm and love both carry my glock 99% of the time. The main reason I don't carry my 1911 is its a full size 5" barrel hard to conceal big heavy bulky. Besides that I have always had glock and love the fact it lighter and easier to conceal. My 1911 is more on the lines of always wanted a delta elite and finally found one and bought it. On my opinion can't go wrong either way good luck
I carried a 1911 for years and I love 1911's but my Daily carry is a G 30! You will be Happy with the 1911 they are or were the Standard all guns have been judged by for 100 years (Glock is arguably that now but 1911 fans will argue with you on it):rolleyes:
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