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I own a SW1911PD with their scandium frame and it's really a testiment to an old design being upgraded with newer technology. Some purists do not like the external extractor, but S&W is the only company to actually make it work correctly in a 1911 and mine has been flawless. It's the most accurate handgun I own, it's reliable, and with 10 round extended mags it has a lot of firepower, BUT even with all that I still carry a Glock as my daily carry.

One reason is the Glock to me is more a every day tool like a pocket knife or a leatherman tool. It's cheap, which means if I ever have to use it to defend myself and Law Enforcement takes possession of it as part of the investigation I am only out a $400 handgun and not a $1,500 to $2,000 1911. It has a higher capacity and because of it's polymer/tenefer exterior I don't have to worry about cleaning it every day during the Florida summers. Parts are cheap and you can find them everywhere. The entire gun can be proken down with a single punch if need be and it's every bit as accurate as any 1911 I've shot and more reliable than any gun I have ever owned.

All that being said about the Glock I still consider the 1911 to be a true "Gunfighters" handgun and have the utmost respect for any shooter that makes the comittment to train and carry a 1911. There is and always will be a sort of mystic that goes along with the 1911 and when you see a SWAT Officer or even a CCW holder carrying a 1911 you can't help but think to yourself, "This guy must know his ****!" Glocks were designed like an AK47 where anyone with limited training could pick it up and shoot it, but a 1911 requires a little more dedication to the craft to become profficient at it.
That's not to say the Glock cannot be a "Gunfighters" handgun because I think it's all about mindset more so than the platform, but there is just something about the history, function, and look of the 1911 that sparks something inside American shooters and for that it will always be "America's Handgun"

FWIW- The one thing I wish Glock would address is the grip angles of the Glock. A more traditional 1911 angled grip with the ability to swap out humped backstraps for flat backstraps would go a long way.
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