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Cost is the biggest limiting factor for most. I have an Ed Brown Special Forces 4.25" and Mars Armament T.H.U.G. Colt 1911. Unless you have a high quality gun, it's not the same in terms of accuracy or reliability. I have had a Kimber Pro and Ultra Raptor 2. Both unreliable. My Para P14 was reliable but quite heavy - 14+1 of 45 ACP is pretty incredible, though.

My Ed Brown Edges my Mars THUG because I favor Tritium over Novak sights.

However, my G30 has soft recoil and it's also very accurate, reliable, and inexpensive. My 1911s cost 5 to 6 times my Glock 30 or 36.

These picture are from my Ed Brown from 7 yards, 7 shots. Single action is easy to shoot for me.


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