You can never have enough training. This is a basic tenant of life and hold true for almost everything you want to do well. When taking on the task of owning, using, or being the custodian of a firearm, you have to have the training to live up to that awesome responsibility. Glock, long a leader in the firearms community, has taken the large step forward and established a free online firearms training program open to the public that covers both basic and advanced handgun training. They call it the Glock University.

Basic Training

Using a simple online format of pictures and text, Glock puts the novice user through the basic ten lessons needed to fire your G-series handgun. These start with the basic gun safety rules (where Glock builds on the NRA's classic rules and adds some of their own that make a heck of a lot of sense.) Lessons then go on to explain how to load and unload a Glock properly, your basic stance, grip, sights, trigger pull, checking the chamber, safely clearing the weapon, and cleaning and maintaining. Once the user has mastered these, they can move to the Advanced Training. Before you guffaw, poke your chest out, and snicker, these are all solid basics that every hand gunner should know. Even if you have shot your whole life, the refresher is free. For the first time user, the lessons are invaluable.

Advanced Training

The advanced training sections on the Glock University's online syllabus cover more high tech skillsets needed to be able to fight and maintain your G-series pistol. A very detailed breakdown on how to field strip your Glock is included. Glock pistols are designed to be field stripped without tools into four main component parts: the frame, slide, barrel, and spring and further disassembly should only be done by a Glock certified armorer. However, the field strip will allow the user to be able to clear, clean, and inspect the weapon. Another lesson on trigger reset will help you steady your shots and allow for more accurate and deliberate follow-up shots and groups. The third lesson in the advanced training series is on how to perform a solid malfunction. By teaching you the Tap, Rack, Ready drill, you will be prepared to clear about 90% of the most common stoppages and get back into the fight in less than two seconds.

Pistols 101 and Glock Choice

From the same free rootpage, Glock University also has a link to what they call Pistols 101 in which they cover the basic safety rules, handgun education basics, ammunition basics, and how to go about purchasing a handgun. This is good information for beginners and if you have a friend of loved one interested in Glocks but they want more information, I can't think of a better or more comprehensive way to allow them to explore their questions.

Glock Choice offers over 50 pistols in a range of sizes, calibers and styles and they offer an interactive website link to find out which Glock is right for you. Its user friendly, to find your next Glock pistol, simply click on the profiles that best describe you to view the right models for your needs and lifestyle.

It helped my wife decide hers...