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    Glock uses Tenifer on the barrel and slides of their pistols. This is a very hard finish and is used for its corrosion resistance. It is similar in hardness to a diamond. What is the Rockwell hardness for this finish as used by Glock?

    A. 64 HRC
    B. 60 HRC
    C. 66 HRC
    D. 62 HRC
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    How many safety operations are disengaged when the trigger is pulled?

    A. 4
    B. 3
    C. 1
    D. 2

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    The mass-media claimed the firearm would be invisible on airport security screening devices and that it could be a weapon favored by terrorists.

    True or False
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    What is the amount of force required to pull the trigger back to it's release point?

    A. 5.5 lb
    B. 6.0 lb
    C. 4.5 lb
    D. 5.0 lb
  5. I'll take a shot:

    #1 A (guessing)

    #2 B

    #3 True

    #4 A
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    Nice Work, Correct Answers.

    Your Answer: (A) 64 HRC
    Glock have been at the forefront of firearm technology for decades. Using Tenifer for the slide and barrel increases the strength and operational life of each pistol.

    Answer: (B) 3
    The Glock trigger has three separate safety devices attached to it which are disengaged sequentially as the trigger is pulled.

    Answer: True
    Although the frame was made of polymer, which is hard to see under x-ray, the idea that it was invisible is impossible as the pistol contains a steel barrel, magazine, steel springs and all the internal workings. Not to mention the fact that bullets are made of metal too. It shows up very clearly on any x-ray or metal detector scan.

    Answer: (A) 5.5 lb
    5.5 lb or 2.5 kg of force is required to pull the trigger and fire the pistol. Kits are available to reduce this amount for competition shooting and the like.
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    cry foul on question 3, G34 and G35's are only 4.5# :)
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    My G30 is 5lb lol. I think generally though 5.5 is what's advertised.