Glock Triggers; Old vs. New?

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by fls348, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. fls348

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    Has anyone noticed that the older Gen2 Glocks seem to have better triggers than Gen3's? I don't own any Gen4's so I can't speak for those. Maybe mine are the exception?

    I have several Gen2's and several Gen3's and all of the stock triggers (less 3.5 connector) seem to be crisper and cleaner on the Gen2's. The one exception is my Gen3 G20, however I'm fairly sure the guy I bought it from put all new springs and everything in it, it's a little to light for my taste.
  2. wsar10

    wsar10 New Member

    I have noticed this for quite a few years, and yeah the gen 4's are the worst so far.

  3. BORIS

    BORIS New Member

    That's because most gen2s have über amounts of ammo and dry fires. I cannt tell the difference between my gen3 G37 and my brothers 1989 built gen2 G17. Both get the piss shot out of them.

    My XD trigger is so flippin smooth compared to what you will find under the glass today, but that's only because it has über amounts of rounds through it and it was one of the first HS2000s SA imported.

    Once them gen 4 triggers get about 40k on them they will feel just like a gen2 trigger....
  4. wsar10

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    I have enough common sense to take rnd count into consideration.
    The gen4 has to do with the change of the trigger block size due to the change in frame size and I think that positions the connector with a "fragment" of difference which changes the angle of the connector .
  5. BORIS

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    Maybe on a schematic it makes a difference. From the gen4s I have fired I cannt notice a lick of difference. Put 20k down range and it will wear in just like any other Glock ever made.
  6. fls348

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    Well that is something to take into consideration, my Gen2, 19 has around 12k rds down range and my Gen3, 17 only about 2k. I carried my G19 on duty for 13yrs. and in Jan of 2011 I switched to the G17, so I guess I may have some catching up to do..........
  7. wsar10

    wsar10 New Member

    it definitely makes a difference in your hand, any seasoned glock guy that has experience with trigger work on all generations will tell the gen4 difference the second they pick it up, the pre-travel alone is horrible.
    Your correct that it will wear and get much better but will never be the same as a gen 1 or 2.
  8. BORIS

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    The take up is the same, the trigger breaks the same, it resets the same and factory pull weights are the same.

    Skin an out of the box never fired gen4 then do the same with a gen4 that has 10,000 rounds through it. Even I will tell you the box fresh one feels completely different.

    Unlike a 1911 that will have the same crappy take up, break and reset the day it dies as it did the day it was new is what makes Glocks so great. You don't have to put a grand into it to get a better trigger pull. While you are getting familiar with a Glock you are doing a trigger job on it. You won't notice it because its so gradual.

    The 10k gen4 has an older feel to it once it has that many rounds. All I am doing is reporting an actual experience because I have shot a brand new gen4 right next to a well worn 10,000 rounds fired gen4.

    FWIW people said the same thing about gen3s when they first came out because they didn't have the innards worn in yet.

    I have yet to shoot a gen4 that don't feel like every other gen Glock when they were brand new.

    Just an experience based observation and nothing more.
  9. wsar10

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    you are really trying to argue with yourself here,:confused::confused:
    my apologies if I come off as argumentative,
    this thread is about the difference in generations, NOT new vs used.
    yes, a 10k rnd GLOCK is going to be an improvement in trigger function vs. a new one is debating that.

    I have shot every gen with all kinds of trigger jobs, round count, age, stock triggers, you name it !
    the point here is that a gen4 feels different at any age or round count vs. it's prior gen, like I said an experienced glock guy observing trigger pull will tell you a gen4 trigger with out looking at the gun.
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  10. EvilD

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    My Gen 2 triggger is a lot crisper than my gen 3, but it has >10,000 down the hole where as the Gen 3 has maybe 2000
  11. BORIS

    BORIS New Member


    I know what you are saying. It may be true. To you. I honestly cannt tell the difference between a gen4 or a gen2 if both have the same amount of rounds. I ain't worried about take up. If you concentrate on take up your shooting no matter the generation will not be its best. The old gen and new gen guns break and reset exactly the same. They could take up like an XD for all I care. When you feel it about to break and the actual break itself happens, there ain't a lick of difference. When the trigger resets its ready to break again. Now if you stroke it like an XD needs to be stroked and let the trigger go fully forward between shots that take up might throw you off if you are used to earlier gen type take up. I don't concentrate on the take up so to me I don't notice a difference between the two.

    Not arguing either. I don't know your shooting style. I short reset the trigger and there is no difference if you short reset. I wasn't completely clear with my earlier posts......
  12. barberl

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    I have shot Glocks since the 1980's. I currently own a Gen 3 Glock 23 and a recently purchased Gen 4 Glock 17 and honestly can't tell one bit of difference between the two trigger pulls. The 23 only has about 200 rounds through it so it is still essentially new. Maybe the differences are more related to specific guns rather than different generations. Damn I just realized that I opened an old thread. Sorry!
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