In the past several months, even more military and police units have picked up the Glock 17 that ever before. The latest addition to the list is the Philippine PNP, who got such a good initial deal on 60,000 of the guns that they even came back for another 14k.

Who is the PNP?

The Philippine National Police (Filipino: Pambansang Pulisya ng Pilipinas and abbreviated as PNP), is the national law enforcement agency of the Philippines. The PNP traces its linage more than a hundred years back to the old Philippine Constabulary, founded in 1901, that fought the Japanese in WWII. Besides keeping local law and order, the PNP has been heavily involved in counter smuggling actives and in fighting a simmering war with Islamic terrorist groups in the southern islands for decades. It has also sent armed UN peacekeepers to such hotspots as Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Haiti in recent years. All of these are good reasons for the PNP to have access to modern weapons.

The 2012 Handgun contract

Sadly, this has not been the case. Of the force's 140,000 officers, there was only ever enough handguns to equip about less than half (60,000) at any given time, with officers trading guns out at shift change. These in-demand weapons consisted of several different types of .45 ACP 1911-style pistols (some of these WWII era vintage), S&W 38s, a few Beretta 92DSs, Israeli Jericho 941s, and even guns confiscated from criminals. To replace this incredible hodge-podge of guns, in 2012 the PNP held a bid/testing period in which several manufacturers submitted weapons. With a budget of $1.2billion pesos ($27.7 million US dollars), they hoped to get 59,904 new guns in the hands of their poorly equipped officers.

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The competitors were IMI, with its Jericho 941; Glock with its G17, CZ with its CZ75 P-07, and Armscor with its Tanfoglio TZ-75 series.

Each manufacturer who submitted test guns for a grueling 20,000 round torture test waited in anticipation and then Glock, with a bid of 997-million pesos came away the winner. Glocks bid of 16,659.76 Philippine Pesos (about $385) for each Gen 4 Glock 17 includes three magazines, cleaning kit, case, manual (written in Filipino) and a basic load of 9mm ammunition. Local distributor Trust Trade through Glock Asia Pacific, founded by the parent company in Hong Kong in 2002, will provide the guns.

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Overall, not a bad deal.

Bonus Guns!

With the money already allocated, the PNP received permission from the government to increase the size of the contract to spend 'the change' and recently just ordered another 14,000 Glock 17s.

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(The PNP has a number of special response teams, now powered by Glock)

Even though PI customs is looking into allegations that some of the guns were imported into the country before the contract was even announced, the PNP seems happy with their deal.

Who wouldn't be?

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