Glock Tactical Light with Laser

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  1. havasu

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    Anyone have this? Are they worth the cost?

    Could a vendor provide me the MSRP for it?

  2. wsar10

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    I am not a vendor but I have experience with them,
    Your looking @ over 200 bucks.........
    they are bulky, hard to find a holster to cover, and they hang down below the gun. Mine worked great and I have never heard of an issue with them at all as far as quality.

    IMO, and in my collection Id keep it just as a novelty thing (becuase it matches and is GLOCK) but for real world use you would be better served with a TLR series streamlight or a surefire. The TLR's can be had for around 100 bucks or less, not sure of surefire prices but they are damn good lights I have seem a surefire work after being shot with a .22

  3. I just recently recieved (as a gift from my DW) the Streamlight TLR-2 (light and laser combo).
    Pro's- Its light weight, its very BRIGHT, the laser...well its a laser..but its adjustable!
    It has a strobe function, and ambidextrous paddle switches. No-tools- required to mount it (and several extra pieces to mount to specific pistols). 3 way switch-ability...light only, laser only, or both.

    Con's- Holstering- Thankfully I have a holster that holds a scoped pistol (universal style holster), but I can't use my Glock-specific Fobus holster. The thumb screw to install/release the unit can be a thumb-chewer if you do it often.

    I'll be frank folks- this sob is bright (brighter than my 5 cell maglight!) will light up anything your put your sights on- and it will damn near cause a siezure with the strobe on.