Glock Sub sub-compact?

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by Blackmagic02, Mar 21, 2012.

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    I was talking to a friend (and fellow Glock Owner) recently who told me he had heard Glock was planning a smaller single-stack pistol to compete with the slimmed down market that is all the rage right now like the Ruger LC9 or Kimber Solo. Springfield just announced the XD-S in .45 ACP coming soon which would fall into this category and make me think he may be right. Can anyone shed some light on this rumor?
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    Glock already has a slim single stack .45. It's the model 36.

  3. I'm not trying to be a troll, but did you ever think of heading to the Glock website? Lots of good specifications about their guns on there.

    Before I bought my G30, I was all over that site looking up details on every model. I almost had every model's basic details memorized for my trip to the big gun show. I knew each model number, their calibers and MSRP and online prices for some of them. That way I knew a good deal when I saw it.

    This forum is a source of great info, but a question like this won't start a very informative thread, one sentence answered it and this thread is effectively dead.

    Do a little homework, learn on your own, then ask questions when you're stuck and have hit a wall. That's as true with guns as it is with life and your career, don't rely on others to tell you things you can learn for yourself and know to be fact.

    We could have told you Glock had a model 43 that was .45 slim subcompact with 13 rounds and would you have believed it? Maybe.
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    Man, I gotta update my database...the G43 ain't in it! :D

    PettyOfficer has a very valid point indeed.

    But the OP's question was posted as a inquiry to people presumably more knowledgeable than he.

    I would imagine if someone had posted a falsehood or speculation presented as fact, that other Members would chime in with a correction.

    Research is the key, both from official sources (the Glock website) and unofficial resources (like US!)

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    Yes, the 36 is, but it is the only product in their subcompact slimline category. So, aside from the 36, perhaps the OP was referring to something in a different caliber. Like a 9mm. Like the LC9.
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    Yes...I believe the OP is asking about a "rumor"...which tend to be heresay...

    and not found on the official Glock site.

    I myself would think Glock would want to cash in on the small / slim 9mm craze...

    but then again, Glock sets it's own rules, and doesn't follow the crowd !
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    It would be pretty cool I must admit. Let's all e-mail and write to convince them to do so :)
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    Perhaps I confused the issue when I mentioned the XD-S although it will be smaller physically than a G36. I am talking about a single-stack 9 (or .40) and I have seen nothing on Glock's website (product or press releases) to support or debunk this rumor. Nothing in the GSSF quarterly report either. I did check these sources beforehand. Otherwise I wouldn't have risked being called an idiot online. Having exhausted those resources I thought this to be a legitimate question that someone on this forum may have heard something about. A G36 is bigger in almost every way than a G26 or G27. It is 0.08" thinner. A G36 in my Wife's hands would only serve to take out the person behind her from blunt force trauma. I also can't rely soley on Glock's website. For example: Has anyone with factory finger rest mags for a G27 ever been able to get more than 10 rounds in the mag? The website says 11. "Cheaper than Dirt" points that out in their item description. Everybody else just runs with what Glock says. I have been considering a Solo for a while but would wait and jump on a Glock if they entered this market.
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    This is quite true... There has been rumor of a single stack sub compact 9 mm comparable to the Ruger LCP or LC9 for many years along with the continuous rumor of a future Glock carbine, other forums claim that they have constructed a 100 yard shooting range to test the carbine out right at the Smyrna GA Glock building... Regardless of these rumors I have yet to see real proof and have not witnessed the new shooting range... Basically my point here is don't rely on speculation so much because it does lead to disappointment when it's confirmed not to be true... Ex: Glock carbine, been rumored for years, I have lost hope a long time ago...
  10. KeenansGarage

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    You never know..maybe by us discussing a bunch of becomes fact!

    And maybe we are all wishing......

    I would love a single stack, slim 9mm glock, but doubt it is going to happen anytime soon.
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    That's more like it.
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    I want the glock 7, made of porcelain, that costs more then what I make in a month. Not an easy find.
  13. nyycanseco33

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    You do realize that's not real right? Was a movie prop instead, I believe it was one of the Die Hard or Lethal Weapon movies
  14. Webphisher

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    Hell Glock never updates their site anyway. How many Gen4s are there that they don't even list.
  15. Webphisher

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    Man my safe is full of 7s. Even OD ones!

    But ya it was Die Hard 2 I believe.
  16. KeenansGarage

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    lMAO!! :D That is funny!
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    Haha yes that was an attempt at humor
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    When you look at Glock, as a gun maker, and compare them to other gun makers, one thing stands out...Glock was started with the purpose of building a military handgun and has always made guns that are very clearly for military, and then law enforcement, use. Fortunately for them, and for us, they made a product that also fit the civilian market well.

    Their one variance was the G36. You could argue it was aimed at off duty use by police, and perhaps so, but compared to the rest of their line, as well as comparable pistols, it really hasn't been a big hit. Looking at it from that perspective, why would they make another slimline/single stack pistol? The one they made, despite being every bit as good as their other guns, has been out sold (it would seem) by the competition. It really doesn't make sense to put the time, money and effort into a gun that might flop, when they can build guns that they know will be sold.

    The other gun makers, for the most part, were not started to build a military gun/have not continued to build only military/law enforcement guns.

    As for the carbine, this is another rumor that's been out there in the ether forever. It, at least, makes sense, as it would have a military and law enforcement application.

    Having just been at Glock two weeks ago, I can tell you there's a lot of construction going on. It's been in progress for several years now and there's still a long way to go.

    I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for either product to come out. I wouldn't expect to hear about new products being launched until they were ready to ship, or at least ready to start production, as Glock is a company that holds such information close. Better to surprise the competition.
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    Don't look for ANY new models in the near future. People are so scared that Obama is going to get re-elected and go gun-grabber as a lame duck President, sales are through the roof. Ruger announced today it's suspending sales due to a two month backlog of orders.

    There has been over 1M guns sold since January in the USA.:eek:
  20. rivalarrival

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    I'd buy a couple. Something a little taller and significantly thinner than the G26, 7 or 8 round mags...

    How many of us carry such a gun from another manufacturer? Look at how fast the pocket pistols are flying off the shelves.

    Glock would be stupid to not even consider producing small-frame single stack pistols in 9mm and .40, 7+1 to 9+1 mags.