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Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by BabaaBooey, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. BabaaBooey

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    With all the pocket sized 380s, why doesnt glock make something smaller than the G26? I would love a small pocket sized glock.

    With that said, whats the best 380 in your opinion? I need to research some models to consider for the pocket when i dont want to IWB.
  2. Ruger lcp 380..without laser, imo i dont like the laser.

  3. BabaaBooey

    BabaaBooey Member1

    Yeah i actually shot that today. Its ok. Newbie here...but do most 380s not have rear sights like that ruger?
  4. Most wont have them just due to size, they wont have full sights like your compacts and sub compacts. But I remember seeing kel-tecs 380 and they had little better sights.
  5. Glocku

    Glocku No warning shots here

    Kahr p380 is one of the best in my opinion very light recoil for a pocket pistol.
  6. Devinh2

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    I carry a Ruger LCP when I can't take a Glock. Good shooter and hides easily.
  7. Argyle64

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    I carry the Ruger LCP every day. Fits in my kilt sporran very nicely or in the front pocket of my jeans.
  8. casey97

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    Just sold my LCP. No complaints. The sights aren't the best, but when you need to pull it, it's pretty much point and shoot anyway. If you are set on 380, I actually prefer the Bodyguard 380. It has a much better trigger and full sized usable sights.
  9. doug865

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    BaBaaBooey..Love the Wesley Willis refrence. Check out the Diamond Back 380. It is the gun that Glock won't make. I have the Diamond back DB9. It is the slimmest and lightest semi auto 9mm out there. I have seen some negative internet talk about these guns but I like mine. I carry Hornady Critical Defense in it and it is 100%. Check out for their review of the Diamondback guns.
  10. yakuza

    yakuza New Member

    Its not practical for a pocket gun to have large sights no need to aim with a belly gun and if compact is what there selling than....
  11. darthraven0

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    I can only tell you one to stay away from. Taurus 738 tcp .380 it has front and rear sights but the trigger is awful, fte at least one round out of every two mags, 6 round mag. My wife got one for her carry gun and after putting 500 Rounds through it traded it in on a g26.
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  12. GAgal

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    Welcome to the Forum doug865!
  13. unit44justin

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    Check out the Sig P238... Far better than the LCP all around. Also Sig came out with a Sig P938 which is the same as the P238 just slightly larger and chambered in 9mm. I have a P238 and my Dad has an LCP, having shot both the P238 out performs the LCP hands down.
  14. gardan01

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    Glock should find a way to bring its 9mm Kurz pistol to the United States.
  15. BabaaBooey

    BabaaBooey Member1

    Thanks all. The kahr p380 looks really nice and similar to glock.
  16. shoognite

    shoognite New Member

    I have a DB380 and got it because it was the most "Glock feeling" I could find in a pocket gun. I got it to take when walking the dog at night. It's a little picky on ammo and hard to aim at 25 yards. But up close it's pretty accurate.

  17. CCSir

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    My three favorite pocket .380's are the Sig P238, the Magnum Research Micro Desert Eagle, and the Kahr P380. All three are about the best built and most friendly to your hands when you are shooting. The Kahr is the closest to a Glock that you'll probably find. The Sig P238 is also great. All metal frame and very similar to a 1911, and the MDE is a DAO all metal frame as well and is the smallest of the pocket pistols out there.

    I've shot all three with great success and accuracy. My two most favorite though are (with out a doubt) are the Sig and the MDE.

    Non the less I strongly suggest you get out and try as many as you can before you purchase one. I made that mistake with a couple "other" .380's.
  18. Blaze

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    This is my Ruger LCP but I don't carry it just think its to cute and it's 4 sale lol
  19. Exactly what I was saying..just helping out a new guy
  20. For sale? hhhhmmm I'm listening....