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    Hello just bought my first Glock (22 gen3 used) yesterday. However the night sights are a pretty burnt out. When I took the gun apart, the front sight from under the slide looked like it didn't use a screw and nut to hold it in like a stock steel sight. Any idea how I take the front sight off? Any help is appreciated!

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    Search google or eBay for Glock front site tool.

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    Welcome to the Glock Forum Smbutton91 !!
  4. And use only the glock tool
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    Is that the right tool?
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    You have the older style front sight that was a press fit with Loctite instead of the current screw type... Easy way to remove it is to place your slide in a vise and use a punch to remove the front sight (make sure you put something between the teeth of the vise and your slide so it doesn't cause any damage)

    To install the new sights I recently used the glockmeister sight tool kit that comes with a rear sight tool and a front sight screw tool, worked great and extremely easy... There are other sight tools out there that are similar, use the one that works best for you, I chose the glockmeister tool due to the ease and price was decent compared to the actual Glock brand sight tool (is just as effective)

    Hope this helps you out, if you need more tips please don't be afraid to ask, I did the same thing with my G21 that had the style sight like yours and installed new night sights:)
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    If it is plastic, it is called a "staked" front sight, or "stake on". Just grab it with pliers and twist. It'll pop right off. Make sure you don't scratch the slide. Just don't let the jaws of the pliars drag on the slide.
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    the steel ones are the same as well, and also kind of like nyycanseco33 replied about and also how many of the 1911's are install. If the op is not going to reuse the current front site just take a small drill and drill it out from the inside, this is what I would do.