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    Does anyone know how to find info about a Glock from it's serial number? I have looked everywhere and can't find info about my Glock 23. It is a Gen 3 and it begins with RYP. Thanks in advance!
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    Could also call the company. Glocks customer service is top notch.
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    I already looked at that website Shooter, no luck...I will try to call Glock. I cannot find any information about serial numbers beginning with RYP.
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    Thanks, it gave a nondescript answer to my query haha. But I'm hoping R doesn't stand for Refurbished or something, and the gun store ripped me off.
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    No, they don't change the serial number after a rebuild/refurbish
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    Even if they replace some parts? Because I have heard otherwise. I may have been misinformed.
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    If im correct they still dont.
  10. The letters correspond to year/month it was born and the little envelope with the two empty casings have the test fired date on them, when it was cleaned and put into a case for sale.

    There's a thread on that 'other' forum where people pasted their letter codes and their test fire dates and somebody manages the thread and updates the OP when folks submit their info so others can use it as a reference.
  11. The last posted #s, doesn't seem to have anything newer:

    RAA - G-27 - November 2010 - 2.5 Gen. - Blue Label with new half height label, new matte gray slide and gray barrel
    RAB - G-30SF - November 2010 - 3rd Gen. - White Label, Fixed Sights
    RAE - G-35 - October 2010 - 4th Gen. - Blue Label
    RAE - G-35 - November 2010 - 4th Gen. - Blue Label
    RAM - G-26 - - 4th Gen - Austrian marks
    REA - G-34 - December 2010 - red label
    RET - G-27 - - 4th Gen - Blue label - 3 mags - night sights

    So with RYP your gun was most likely made in mid-late 2011.

    (sorry, don't have a link, I use an iPhone app for that forum too).
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    The envelope says August 2011, and it is a 3rd gen.
  13. I think my estimation nailed it: mid-late '11
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    That "mujglock" link is for decoding proof mark dates, not serial number prefixes. Some Glocks were made in Austria, and proof marked to be sold in Europe. There were a few times where demand was outpacing supply in the US, and Glock shipped some guns to the US which had originally been made for sale in Europe. Those proof marked Glocks will have a three-letter code on the barrel which is different from the serial number, and that's the code that you type in at the mujglock website.

    The serial number list you quoted from hasn't been updated in over a year, I think the serial numbers are up to like SST by now.
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    Well I feel really dumb now that I know all I had to do was take a look at the envelope...haha. Thanks for all the help guys!
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    Yea I bought mine new last month and it starts with SHE
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    Call/ email Glock. They told my 22 was imported Feb. 3, 1998. It may take a while (a month for a response for me during the holidays) but you won't get more exact than that.
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    Aug 2011..............................
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    My 19 is SHA, cant remember what the hell my 34 is. My 17's serial is cooler though. 25th anniversarys had a special number.
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    about July 2011