Glock rmr sight placement and height

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by The2aGuy, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. The2aGuy

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    With the recent sales on the type 1 rmr I finally decided to give it a go and bought a rmr 07 6.5moa

    I’ll be sending the gun to DP custom works for a mill job

    Here’s my dilemma

    When I previously give this a try years ago with a dovetail Mount I found I was tilting the gun slightly upwards to move the dot from the sights ( found it cluttered) causing me to point high with regular iron sight pistols.....however I realize this was a makeshift mounting solution

    Which is the correct height for a lower 1/3 irons on a Glock 19?

    Rear sight forward or behind the RMR? I can’t seem to find any good photos online

    My thought is a lower 1/3 all black irons without tritium will be the way to go for me but what’s everyone running?
  2. CDR_Glock

    CDR_Glock Active Member

    My rear sight is behind the RMR.[​IMG]

  3. Lucian_253

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    Just threw the 5.7 in the pic to make me jealous?
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  4. SixG17s

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    Try the Dueck Defense dot mount if you think co-witness is needed. Open Division guns have been around for over 40 years and we never ran co-witness.
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  5. CDR_Glock

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    Hahahaha. No. It was the only picture in my iPad. But I added a sight to my FN 5.7 by the way, too.

  6. The2aGuy

    The2aGuy New Member

    Not a fan of the DD Mount, used it before years’s great for testing the waters of a rmr pistol but for me it sits too high

    I do not want an absolute co witness, something that sits low and clutter free

    The DD Mount caused me to point high
  7. jigglyjames29

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    Definitely get it milled.
    I just mounted an RM06 on my G26 w/ a dovetail plate and it's way too high. I'm used to the sights being a certain height above my grip. Milling the slide would reduce the height by about 1/4".
    As far as 1/3 cowitness sights, the most common are:
    Ameriglo .315" Front/.394" Rear
    Trijicon Suppressor Sights

    Sight info from: