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  1. G29EDC

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    I'm new to the forum and Glocks in general. I've been a 1911 nut for years, but wanted a reliable 10mm, so now I have more Glocks than 1911's. But to my question... With Glocks in general, what if any problems have you encountered and/or what spare parts should be kept on hand if any?
  2. glocknloaded

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    I haven't had any... But I do keep a spare guide rod not sure what else could go wrong..

    Oh extra mags of course

  3. sgtcowboyusmc

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    My EDC G30 has about 50,000 rounds and my First G21 has around 30,000 on it and neither one of them have had anything done or replaced in them since new! So they are pretty durable. Now it wouldn't hurt to keep a set of Springs for the trigger group and a Recoil Spring as well as a Slide Stop/Release. I use mine as a Release so I might have to replace the one on my EDC gun. It is starting to show a little wear!
  4. Webphisher

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    Extra parts....technically I have an extra slide lock lever for my G30 but thats only because I installed an extended release on it.
  5. Two-Guns

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    I have only had one failure to extract on my G23. It was on the last round of a range session. The only extra parts I have bought are pins and I have not had a reason to use them yet. Glocks just work and work.
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    Welcome to the forum! We're glad to have you here.
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    You don't really NEED to keep a spare parts around, but if it's for your own peace of mind, I'd grab one of those "GLock Emergency Parts Kits" Being sold on Ebay.

    If that's not an option, I'd get the little parts, like the "Firing Pin"/Striker Spring cups and the Trigger Safety "Plunger" Spring.

    These are both super tiny parts and tend to disappear if you're not careful with them when you're detail stripping the slide.

    So it's not a "parts failure" thing, it's more a loss thing.

    Welcome to the forum!

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    Biggest problem I face is that I don't have nearly as many glocks as I'd like ...
  9. RRoss

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    The biggest problem I have with my Glock is it has an insatiable appetite. No matter how many rounds I feed it, it always wants more! I can never seem to keep enough ammo in stock...its eating me out of house and home! :D :D
  10. I've put easily 7,000+ rounds through my Gen3 22C most of which was JHP. I haven't had a single malfunction (only way I can practice clearing a jam is if I stick an orange dummy round in there and pretend like I was shooting when it happened). The only thing you need as far as replacement parts is ammo. You need more of it.
  11. Argyle64

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    If any part is going to wear out is going to be your RSA (recoil spring assembly). Replace it every 5,000 rounds.
  12. G29EDC

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    Thanks for all the info! The only problem I have ever had was caused from weak ammo. I had a few rounds of some FMJ cheap stuff, and I had a stovepipe type malfunction. I checked the velocity with my chronograph and it was running between 900-1000 FPS from my G29SF at about 10 feet. No more cheap stuff...
  13. louiespagouie

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    I keep all the original springs and the stock rsa in my case not for fear of any of them breaking just so I know where they are at :)