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    I've seen several guys shooting Glocks equipped with slide mounted Trijicon RMRs . How well do these optics stand up to the pounding they must take? Most race guns have their optic attached to the frame and I would guess part of the reason is to avoid the beating (as well as making target reacquisition faster). Anybody use this setup or know something about it? I'd like to try one just for fun. I really like the Burris Fast Fire II I have on my Ruger 22/45.
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    They're great for Open Class shooting in USPSA/IDPA/IPSC. They hold up nicely as long as you stay with the name brands and not some UTG or NcStar sight.

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    You mean NcStar isn't a name brand?:eek:......:D:D:D:D
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    What about truglo would you consider them to be a name brand?
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    If Lonewolf EVER gets a batch of slides in, my plan is to have them mill a G35 for a FastFire III and add suppressor sights. I wanna try it for USPSA.
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    Truglo is good to go.
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    Where might one go to get the slide milled to put on a trijicon rmr sight?
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum lilmarinej !!

    Can't help ya with that question...but I'm moving this to the right sub forum to get an answer...
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    I s used the RMR, Delta Point and the T1 Micro. They are outstanding and very accurate. I used it as my dry fire gun. Shows every little problem with your trigger press and helps you fine tune.

    I heard at the TTPOA Swat Competition that Glock will come out with guns cut like the S&W M&P Core at Shot Show this year.

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    You can get a mount to put your Burris on a Glock. They are rated for something like 1000g's.
    I have had one on my 17L, no problems.
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    I ran a C-More STS on my G35 for two years with no problem. I like their new RTS sight which has a round sight window rather than rectangle.