Glock Performance Clothing!

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  1. I did a quick search and didn't find any related posts...

    Have you guys heard that Glock is now going to have Performance Clothing!? opens up on April 12th!

    I found the link cruising through the official Glock website so I think its safe to say that its legit and not a knock off!

    I'm pretty excited! :D
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    Does sound good...!!

  3. According to Glock, Inc. on facebook the sale for GlockPerform sale starts tomorrow. It also state that it starts at 12:01 am since its 10:17pm on the westcoast that must mean the sale already started.
  4. SHOOTER13

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    Went to the site...

    it's not up and running as of 01:27 on 3/14/2012
  5. I checked to its not up but its only 10:30 pm where i'm at. I wonder what time zone their talking about?

    Or maybe it is as it says on the website and not on facebook, April 12.
  6. FOUND IT!!!!! :D

    This is were the GlockPERFORM clothing presale is it says 4-day sale but it also says ends March 17 or while supplies last.
    Full launch is April 12
  7. Webphisher

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    bah its the same stuff they've had forever on their site.
  8. I really like that long sleeve performance shirt but if its listed on sale for $30 I'm thinking they are going to be over charging quite a bit!
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    The problem is shipping KILLS you from the Glock store :(
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    I fear you 100% correct.

    Although I never really understood why wouldn't a company want to sell merchandise cheap, it's free advertising.

    I guess because we all keep paying the higher prices...
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    You can get most of the gear they have on sale at CheaperThanDirt ( for far less. Why pay more for the same products.
    By the way I don't work for them but have done business with them before and will continue to do so. They even include a return shipping label in the package just in case you want to return anything.
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    Don't like the orange & black theme on the site. Looks like a Harley knockoff.
  13. I've probably spent more money at Cheaperthandirt than walmart yet never realized that they had clothing!!

    I think it just got serious! :D