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  1. Just picked up a Glock P80 gen 1 a few day ago and am using it as my edc. My question is seeing that it came with a certificate and special box and is in limited production can I expect that in a few years it will gain monetary value?
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum.

    Gun prices like housing prices have peaked in 2020. I would expect a downturn from today's prices.

    Please go to the introduction area and tell us about yourself.
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  3. Danzig

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    Values are hard to predict on some guns. It really comes down to how long this model is part of their regular production.
    I think it wouldn’t appreciate anymore than a regular Glock.
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  4. Thanks for the feedback
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    Like Danzig said, really hard to say. I’ve seen true gen 1 glocks sell for well over $1500 on gunbroker in the past, and I’ve seen gen 2 19’s in good shape sell for almost a grand, and I’ve seen them for $400 or less. Picked mine up for $480 used and was offered $700 for it from a friend almost immediately but passed and kept it. It’s a tool, and I like the gen 2 frame a lot. Much more than the gen 5.

    It really depends if it’s a model that’s here to stay or not. I think if they discontinue it, the p80’s will probably be worth less than a similar condition gen 1, but could be worth more than a current new pistol.

    Hard to say, I’d just carry it and use it as the tool that it is, and if you care about value consider buying another to keep new.
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    I could only see it having any real value if bought, not fired, & kept like nib. That & several years, lol! It’s a cool Glock collectors pistol, & the 17 in any form is a great edc. Congrats!!