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    Hello everyone I'm a long time glock owner,I've been owning flicks since I was 21 (30 now). I didn't start off with a glock,I started off with a keltec which I only owned for a few months before the firing pin flew out of the back of the slide while at the range(thank the lord it wasn't in a life or death situation). After getting the keltec back from repairs I was able to trade in the keltec and put money down to buy a g27. I loved the g27 but after a few years and a lot range time I decided to get a bigger handgun.

    I decided to get a Taurus 40cal and sold my glock g27. The Taurus was a little bigger but I was able to get a better grip. A few years pass by and I find myself having doubts about my choice,I needed a glock again. What lead me to this was a few more jam ups than I would've wanted. I had no jam ups with the g27,but I didn't want a sub compact. The answer was simple a glock g23,I wanted a 40cal and something compact,so I figured the g23 would do.

    Went to the gunshop and made sure it was the right fit,sold the Taurus then bought the g23. I've owned my g23 for about 3 years and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I've only been able to put a grip plug,looking forward on swapping out the take down tabs. I run federal hydrashok for ccw and while at home. Then I run Winchester white box at the range. Looking forward to owning more glocks and more guns in general.
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum reas0n555 !!

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    Hello, Reas0n555, and WELCOME to the Forum!
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    Welcome and greetings from Tampa Bay.
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    Welcome Sir. I am SURE you'll like looking around here on the forum... Lot's a good company, and lots of G-knowledge... Have some knowledgeable guys more than willing to share what they know. I love it here. I hope you do also...
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    Thanks fellas,I'll make sure to use the search button and try to put my 2 cents with g-knowledge that I might know.
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