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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by PitBull530, May 24, 2012.

  1. PitBull530

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    When I had my G17, years ago, I left the mags loaded and over time, they developed cracks between the witness holes and were pretty damned useless afterwards. These were the old school U-notch mags.

    Im getting a gen 3 model 23 hopefully tomorrow - the guy is giving me 5 13 round mags as well as 2 10 rounders. All metal lined and drop free -- this makes a difference, right? I mean, I like having a fully loaded weapon at my disposal and dont like to think a lot of rotating mags - unless I really have to.
  2. voyager4520

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    The older magazines were more likely to develop cracks or have the plastic cover separate from the metal liner especially near the feed lips. With newer magazines that's pretty much a thing of the past unless you drop the magazines on hard surfaces a lot.

  3. SIR

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    I keep mine loaded all the time. :p
  4. MississippiGlock

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    I keep all of mine loaded. About 30 in all including a few different calibers. Never had any trouble with any of mine
  5. mag loaded in gun, wait a month. end of month, take new mag load it, put in gun, unload prev mag. Do this every month and each magazine will get every other month off.

    I have a 19 with more than 50,000 rounds through it, still has the two original mags, still hard to load, no cracks.
  6. G-23

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    Sent them to GLOCK Inc and they will replace them.
  7. SHOOTER13

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    Have 4 10 round Glock mags that have been loaded since the day I got them 2.5 years problems.
  8. Glockmaster

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    I also keep all of my mags loaded all of the time. Almost a year now and I've experienced no issues.

    I go shooting about every other week but in between those times my mags are kept loaded.
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  9. dutchs

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    I keep 4 mags loaded for my 21 and 4 for my 23 always. No problems to date.