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  1. I did a search and couldn't come up with anything.

    I wanted to know, where is the best place to get factory G23 mags? No high capacity, just factory mags.
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    I think any magazine that holds more then 10 rounds is considered hi-capacity.
    I buy my mags at local gun shops

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    +1. Or :)
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    +1 you can get OEM mags at your local gs
  5. Beefhouse

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    0 had genuine glock magazines on sale a few weeks ago. They're good for stuff like that.
  6. midway
    lone wolf

    several other places, shop around for for lowest price
  7. Oh wow, damn didnt know it was that hard to find factory 13rd mags that the G23 came with. Glad I got 3 of them.
  8. yes they are and PAYPAL don't like them, wanna talk about one huge headache.............don't ask me how I know.:rolleyes:
  9. Thanks
    Ok thanks
    Cant find 13rd G23 mags on their site.

    Ill try those sites thanks
  10. 3L3C7R0

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    To us Cali owners they only make 10 rounders. Fascism ftw!
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  12. Gen 3 mags fit Gen 4's{as long as the Gen4 is in a right hand shooter configuration on the mag release}and Gen4 mags will always fit Gen3's but from my understanding any new mag on the market is of the new ambidextrous version. That's all I've seen for sale lately for the last several months.
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    Yah, I bought a bunch of G17 mags at Cabela's here in town, for my Gen3 G26, and they were all original Glock Gen4 mags. Nice.

    Put the disclaimer in my post because more of a "caveat emptor" buyer-do-your-compatibility-research dealie kind of thing. :D