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  1. I want to buy several high capacity mags for my GLOCk 17. I want 17 and 33 rd mags. I've bought some before and they seem to come in various quality. What company makes the best 33 and 17 rd mags within a reasonable price?
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    If your life is going to depend on it, Glock factory mags. 17rd mags should be $21.95 occasionally you can find a sale for $19.95 (CDNN) or even $18.95 (Brownells).

    I've found the ETS and Magpul mags to also be reliable and use them on the range, but for all self defense purposes I only use factory mags.

    The 33rd mag is a cool novelty and I have a couple (one was free w/purchase and one was thrown in as part of a trade) but they never actually get used. I'd recommend putting your money on factory 17rd mags.

  3. Preload glock magazines

    Is it a good idea to preload and let sit for several days new glock magazines
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    Springs do not lose their strength by sitting in one place unless you flex them past their memory point. What fatigues a spring is actual movement or when it goes past its elastic limit.
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    You sound like you know some engineering stuff. Question ... do springs typically take a "set" and by that I mean the first time a spring is fully compressed and held in that position, the spring may become a small amount shorter and/or the force required to compress them is reduced?

    That's the rational of locking back a slide on a new gun or leaving a new mag loaded awhile ... the spring is easier to compress once it takes a set.

    OP ... as GlockGuide mentions, mags go on sale at some hot prices and if you can sit tight for the holidays, you'll see those prices drop. That said, if in Nov with a new prez and a change of control in Congress, there could be a run on mags and ammo and guns galore

    If you can afford the best, can't go wrong with Glock mags on sale. If price is an issue, they ETS or Magpul. I have some Magpuls and other than not having witness holes, they have worked 100% for me.

    Now if on sales prices I could get one Glock oem mag or two Magpuls, I'd have to say I'd get the Maguls, but ONLY after I had a few at least of the Glock mags.

    Make a decision yet?
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    Once the spring is compressed the first time (during installation) it would have taken the set (relieving stress). Springs generally don't take any significant additional set being compressed again.
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    Factory Glock mags will out last you. Aftermarket mags are a crap shoot. Some work some don't.
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    Very true. Those last 2 or 3 rounds are tough to load in a brand new mag.
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    The OEM mags are great. I also have gotten some Magpul and can't find any fault with them either.
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    If it's hard to get the last round or two in the mag, leaving it full for any period of time will not make a significant difference. The spring has to be worked (compressions and decompressions) to have any meaningful impact. Each compression/decompression breaks down the finish and metal.

    If you were to chart the breakdown of a new Glock spring from new to needing replaced, there would be a sharp curve early on then the spring stabilizes and degrades slowly over the remaining life.

    When I have a magazine spring that is too stiff and needs some break-in, I use a flat carpenters pencil against the follower. This allows me to compress and decompress the spring a number of times rapidly in a short period of time.

    GARRIGA Well-Known Member

    I use the UpLULA on the 9 and 10 round Glock 30 mags without issue. Do remove and replace rounds often regardless if shooting at the range or my carry ammo which exercises the springs and I've noticed the springs have gotten better. I haven't been able to fully load the mag on either.
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    If a mag is used as intended, it will wear out...but if one never uses the mag, then it should last just about forever.

    So, if one is looking for longevity and peace-of-mind, don't ever purchase a spring mag...

    That defies all conventional wisdom...
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    GARRIGA Well-Known Member

    Why? When new mine 9 round didn't sit the final round we'll even with the UpLULA yet after several range visits plus my changing my mind as to what exact carry round I take the final round now sit just like my G21 mags. Perhaps I'm equating the wrong reasoning to what has happened but I can't think of any other reason for it happening.

    I do leave that mag always loaded thinking that would loosen the spring based on what I have been advised but later read the loading and unloading is what wears the spring. Just connecting the dots, although, perhaps the wrong dots. Can only be loading/unloading or leaving loaded. I've done nothing else with them. Even my 10 rounders now load with less effort on that last round.
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    I, too, would like to hear his reasoning. As springs flex they, essentially, breakdown.
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    I think everyone is misinterpreting what GARRIGA meant by "better"

    If I understand correctly - the mag springs were too tight to get the last couple of rounds in. As he's used the mags the springs have softened and he can now get the rounds in . . . therefore they are "better"
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    GARRIGA Well-Known Member

    Yes. What did they think I meant. Lol. Thx
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    I believe they looked at a spring getting softer as degradation so getting better would be getting stiffer.

    The fun of online forums :)
  19. Cubbie_Blues

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    I'm on your side on this one. Flexing the springs will wear them out some and make it easier to load. Sorry if I didn't state that right. I was asking ReCert why it defies.

    GARRIGA Well-Known Member

    Got it. :)