Glock mag Extention Owners ???

Discussion in 'Glock Accessories & Gear' started by bhale187, Jun 20, 2012.

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    For those of you that own +5 mag extentions.........Do you drop them on rocks or concrete? How do they hold up to droping on the ground when unloaded or partially loaded?

    I'm looking at the Arredondo 40cal +5 extentions, but I'm worried about how they will hold up. Our qualification course requires us to drop mags that are empty and sometimes partially loaded onto hard surfaces.
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    You shouldn't have any problems with the extensions, but as with any product, the repeated dropping will take its toll.

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  4. I have those on my G21 mags and from what I can tell they are good quality. They are textured at the bottom, don't really know why. The plastic seem just as good as the glock mags. I dropped mine from a foot and a half (fully load with 230gr .45) on the concrete and it didn't break or crack. I would go higher for you but at the moment I don't have the means of replacing them by the off chance that they do break.

    The price is a little high for them I think.


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    Yeah, they arent cheap thats for sure.

    I certainly am not asking anyone to drop theirs, I was just wondering if anyone has them and drops them from standing position with any frequency.
  6. For what it is worth, this is how they are put together. It is two pieces not 1 solid piece.



    The sleeve slide over the mag tub, then the base plate snaps into the sleeve. Then you use the tool (up top) to pop of the bottom plate to dissemble it for cleaning. The base plate on the mag extension is the same thickness as the glock mag is so I think it can take a beating.
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    Thanks for the pics Support Gunner!

    Kind of looks like they would be more susceptible to poping apart when dropped loaded, but I think it would just be a matter of reassemble rather than actually breaking anything.
  8. The tabs on the base plate are pretty stiff but I don't know, they could loosen up over time. If you can find a definite answer if they can stand repeated dropping let us know please! Thanks. :)