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    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!?!?!?!?! This joker is an embarassment to us all. It just goes to prove how stupid our judges are and how stupid most officers are. I wish I could say we're all brighter than that but they're not. Maybe teaching his kid gun safety would've prevented this. Or maybe having his gun out of reach of a 3 year old. I don't know about you but a 3 year old couldn't reach the middle shelf in my gun safe. I hope he loses and is out all those attorney fees.

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    It said in the story that he left it under his seat and that the toddler was not in a car seat, but said if the gun had a grip safety then this wouldn't have happened. Well if you had been a responsible gun owner/parent it would not have happend ether. I feel bad for the guy but he is not blameless.
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    How do you forget the gun is there?????? I know where every single one of my firearms is at any given point in time.
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    They changed the is a glock 17 now.
  6. Too bad for him but he needed to "Gun Proof" his kid way before this happened. Case in point. I had my G30 on the table next to me the other night, my 5 year old grandson who's visiting from AZ. went to pick up the gun and I promptly gave him a good, firm scolding and explained to him how you NEVER touch a gun if you find one, you go and tell an adult. That woke him up to the concept of NOT touching a firearm. Next day we went out back and I filled up a gallon milk jug with water and let him watch me shoot it with one of my 45acp XTP Hollow Point loads. As expected the jug jumped into the air and blew apart. That then drove home the point that I had made the night before about how firearms can be dangerous and that he should never touch one if he finds one laying around.
    I honestly don't think he'll touch a gun again until he gets older and can receive proper instruction in their use.
    If we won't teach out kids to not mess with our guns then we'll just get what we get when they do mess with them.
    By the way, my grandsons that live next door learned this lesson many, many years ago as did my stepkids and I've never had a problem out of any of em'. Teach your kids not to mess with guns and you'll not have to worry about your kids shooting someone or shooting themselves.

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    Haha!!! They did!!! Lol
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    He is still at fault for leaving a gun where his kid could reach it...sometimes you just have to take personal responsiblity people!
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    Wow what a idoit. Can glock counter sue this guy for being a dumbass owning a firearm, geeez. Hey buddy next time get and XD since you need a saftey...better yet take a gun saftey course first.
  10. He could have just left the chamber empty with a full mag in place. That would have rendered the gun "safe" while still allowing him to rack the slide and bring it into working condition in short order.
    After I showed my 5 year old grandson why he's not suppose to touch firearms by blowing up that jug of water and explaining that it would do the same to a person I let him watch me clean my G30 and told him that you NEVER point a gun at anyone or anything you don't want to shoot. Not even the barrel(which I had in my hand cleaning at the time). Then after I reassembled the gun I double checked to make sure it was empty and ask him if he could rack the slide. He tried but couldn't budge it even a little bit. This shows that a semi-auto with a heavy recoil spring would be safe with an empty chamber even if you had a loaded mag in place because 99.9% of kids his age lack the strength to rack the slide and chamber a round. Can't do that with a revolver,LOL. ;)
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    If glock could sue stupid people they would make a lot more money doing that then they ever would selling guns
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    "In 2006, Chavez’s son accidentally shot him in the back after the off-duty officer forgot that he had left the loaded .45-caliber pistol under the front seat of this Ford Ranger. The child was not in a safety seat at the time."

    Forgot. Loaded. Front Seat. Child not in safety seat.

    Why buy a weapon that you know has no safety? Do I sue sunnyside farms because the dog knocked over the milk because I left it on the ground and the plastic lid didn't stay on? This guy needs to be sued for being stupid.
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    Really? "after the off-duty officer forgot that he had left the loaded .45-caliber pistol under the front seat of this Ford Ranger. The child was not in a safety seat at the time." Seriously?! He is trying to sue Glock for poor design. Glock should sue him for poor parenting. A cop should know better than to leave a loaded handgun where a child can get it. Ignorance is no excuse when it comes to breaking the law for a civilian so it should not be an excuse for a cop. I hate people that try to blame the system or someone else for their own stupidity!
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    Pure negligence to gun safety 101. Never leave a loaded firearms in reach or where a child can obtain it. Kinda like the door nob rule for dogs(most) do you leave your plate of food hanging around on the floor when you go to get a drink NO unless you don't like your wife's cooking. 
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    Only in California can you sue someone else for your own stupidity. Darwin Award Winner for sure.
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    Ya, i was using sarcasm.
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    Yeah, I know :)
    But the more I think about it sueing someone for being stupid might be a good idea. No lack of stupid people.
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    Yea there be too many lawsuits though and a probably a long wait for a hearing lol.
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    If I had a dollar for every stupid person I encountered or story I read about people doing something stupid, I wouldn't need any other source of income. Of course, it might also prompt me to hang out in Wal-mart all day...

    It doesn't say if he had it in a holster or not. If he didn't, that's strike 19 in the stupid category. If he'd had it in a holster with even level 1 retention, it's unlikely the kid could've unholstered it. Thumb break snaps are pretty stiff and even with just a retention screw, it would take more stength than a kid that age would have to unholster it. I'm surprised a 3 year old could even pick up and hold a loaded G21 long enough or in such a way as to be able to pull the trigger.