The world's best-loved polymer framed handgun maker has announced that a half dozen of their most popular models will soon be available with a factory gray molded lower.

Past color choices

When first introduced, Glocks had a very different hue of than they do today. Those early Gen I pistols at times in certain light looked almost steel gray while follow-on Gen IIs were much darker. Since then they have evolved from the old school sharkskin color and, as tenifer gave way to other finishes, modern Gen III/IV guns also appear increasingly darker.

Then there have been limited runs of factory Flat Dark Earth (FDE) and Olive Drab (OD) pistols that have come and gone in the past several years.

Now today, in a partnership with Lipsey's, Glock is producing a bi-tone handgun with a lighter gray frame and the standard black slide.


"We are excited to partner with Lipsey's for the introduction of the new gray Glock pistol," said Bob Radecki, National Sales Manager for Glock in a presser. "These models offer a great looking color variation while delivering all the features of safety, reliability, and accuracy our customers expect and rely on."


These guns will be produced in 9mm Glock 17 and 19 models, the 10mm Glock 20, .40S&W Glock 22 and 23, and the .45ACP Glock 21. Sadly, they will be in Gen. 4 variants only (sorry you classic Gen. 3 lovers out there).


Glock 17


Glock 19


Glock 20


Glock 21


Glock 22


Glock 23

Keep in mind these are not painted on finishes, but molded frames, which trumps the argument that you can always just get a buddy who does cerakote or durakote to coat your frame and be done with it.

Distribution will be through Lipsey's, one of the nation's largest firearms wholesalers. Which means that as long as your local dealer trades with Lipseys (most do) you are good to go.

"With the growing trend of gray in both the AR-15 and tactical accessory market, the timing has never been better for a gray framed version of one of the most popular semi-automatic pistols in the world," said Jason Cloessner, Product Development Manager at Lipsey's in a release.

MSRP from Lipsey's from $649-$689, but we've already seen retailers marketing them for about $550ish and they were released to dealers starting July 1, which is likely closer to what you will see on the street.

And of course, each gun comes with three magazines, hard case, pistol lock, speed loader, and cleaning brush/rod.