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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by Baker, May 23, 2012.

  1. Baker

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    Does the Glock factory in Smyrna Ga give tours? I have a friend that was badly injured in Afghanistan that wants to go see the place. He is coming home on leave from Walter Reed this weekend. Lost both legs when he stepped on an IED. He is only 19......
  2. dutchs

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    I don't know if they do, but this sounds like an act for the WOUNDED WARRIORS PROJECT, they really do a lot of great stuff!

  3. I would LOVE to take a tour someday.
  4. mikecu

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    Glock's phone # is (770) 432-1202

    And they actually have people that answer the phone(not the message run around).
  5. iamthedood

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  6. Baker

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    Just talked to the folks a Glock. They have discontinued tours for multiple reasons. Man I really hate that. The injured young Marine really wants to see the place.
  7. Did you give them more details on the situation and who you wanted to arrange a tour for? They might make an exception and give a special tour for a wounded vet.
  8. Baker

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    I did tell them who I was trying to get the tour set up for. The first lady was sort of rude and really didn't seem very interested in helping one of Americas wounded worriers. The second time I called the lady was very helpful but said tours a very rare for numerous reasons. She did offer to send Sean (injured marine) a promo package and told me to thank him for his service. I think the following statement says it best.........
    Heroes don't wear capes.......
    They wear dog tags............
  9. SlapStik

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    +1 on that... I have heard of good companies going above and beyond for our well deserving vets. Please try them again......
  10. Baker

    Baker New Member

    Do y'all think that if Glock received a few calls other than mine it would make a difference? If you are interested the number is listed earlier in this tread. Sean is a great person that always thinks of others before himself. He was injured filling in for a fellow Marine that needed his help. Just a thought. Let me know what you think.
  11. tbhracing

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    Support to your friend and sorry about the incident. Hope he can see the factory.
  12. sgtcowboyusmc

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    None of this Sounds like a Definite NO! I agree that Wounded Warriors should be contacted as they have a lot of contacts and Star Power! If we all Called and Bothered them it would probably make em mad. But if they are contacted by Wounded Warrior it would probably be better received! Just my 2 cents worth!
  13. dutchs

    dutchs Well-Known Member

    That is being arranged. Thanks
  14. voyager4520

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    From what I understand they stopped giving tours at the Smyrna facility after 9/11. I also heard that they used to give tours at the Austria facility but they stopped for concerns of corporate espionage.

    Your friend should call Glock and ask, they might be willing to give him one. They likely wouldn't let him into the area where the frames are molded though, supposedly even the Glock employees who aren't directly involved with making the frames aren't allowed into that area.
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  15. nmyg19

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    thank your friend for his service to our country and thank every vet you meet. we should all be so lucky to have friends that brave. call wounded warrior. if glock wont do it i bet ruger will and if your local to smyrna keltec isnt super far and im pretty sure they give tours or palmetto state armory in sc.
  16. nubhtar

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    just called the factory in Smyrna, they say no tours, except special interest groups. So maybe for wounded warriors.. Keep calling them...
  17. gen-admission

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    What about glock forum members ... That should be on their radar (just saying')