Glock in Flat Dark Earth!

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by Murdok, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. Murdok

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    So I'm looking to buy my second glock... I'm checking out all the models, going to the range, etc. I knew about the OD Green option, which im not the biggest fan of, and I do love all black. Then I stumbled across a website that only sells to FFL holders and, from what I can tell, exclusively carries 9 Glock models with Flat Dark Earth frames including some Gen 4. I'm sure im not the first to discover it but I thought I would share it for your consideration and or opinion.

    It could be because its "limited edition" or the Devil Dog in me, but I find myself salivating over it, regardless of the hefty price tag.
  2. kodiak

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    Yep, they are all sold out. You should be able to find some online or locally. There is supposed to be a second run of the FDE's in the SEP/OCT timeframe I believe.
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  3. ambeck1

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    At my local guns store they have butt loads of Dark Earth glocks. Its the new style real dark. I still need to pick me one up for the collection.
  4. Murdok

    Murdok New Member

    There is one gun shop local to me that has at least heard of them and can help me out but if I have to wait til sep or oct I might begin to chew the concrete...
  5. jrlusmc

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    Yeah I need one!!
  6. KeenansGarage

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  7. Danzig

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    Fort Worth CABELA'S has them. Just the price is too high. Hence the reason they have some.
  8. deadduck357

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    Would be great if Glock would make them standard production like the ODs were.
  9. FinalForceG17

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    I know what you mean which is why I took my G17 and did this to it. Tell me what you think. Teflon coated the frame OD Tan and the slide black with the barrel coated as well. New fulcrum trigger kit from GlockStore. New trijicon night sights and steel guide rode. I'm still waiting on the dual ported black barrel
  10. Argyle64

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    I have one and I looooooove it. I'll sell it to you but my asking price is a little high because of the sights and trigger work done on it. ;)
  11. FinalForceG17

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  12. akvs22

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    It looks great. I got my G38 frame duracoated and will pick it up this weekend. I refuse to pay the markup that some dealers are charging for fde frames, plus they didn't do it for the G38. I found a local gun shop that does it. I will post a photo once I reassemble it.
  13. itsj0hnnyb0y

    itsj0hnnyb0y New Member

    My local dealer has a glock 19 dark earth for $529 + 6% tax out the door. Not sure what gen it is. It's funny because i came across it today looking for my first wheel barrel gun. Hah
  14. SuperSport

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    I'm guessing it was a gen 3. Think the lowest I've seen was $509 for gen 3 FDE.
  15. KeenansGarage

    KeenansGarage Hiding in plain sight....

    I ordered a Gen 4, and it was close to 600 after tax and all. I guess that makes it about 559 bucks. It still isn't here yet though. :mad:
  16. itsj0hnnyb0y

    itsj0hnnyb0y New Member

    When will it arrive? Did you order it directly from glock?
  17. KeenansGarage

    KeenansGarage Hiding in plain sight....

    No, you have to order it through a local shop that deals with Lipsey's. Lipsey's was the only distributor. Mine is on order through them via my local gun shop. Since they went on backorder, and my local shop was giving me nothing information wise, I asked Lipsey's when the next shipment will be, and they told me Sept/Oct.

    Still on hold, waiting for it to show up.....
  18. itsj0hnnyb0y

    itsj0hnnyb0y New Member

    Damn sept/oct? Haha. Atleast you have something to look forward to in the next couple of months. I'll pray for you friend.
  19. akvs22

    akvs22 New Member

    Just picked mine up from the gun shop. Will have to wait till tonight to put it back together.