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Should we OpticGard the NEW Holosun® 507 Competition?

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Glock Guys thinking of the New 507 Competition from Holosun®

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My Glock Guys always know best when it comes to Different Optic Styles and Functions, what are your thoughts on the 507 Competition by Holosun®

507 Competition vs 507c

  • Bigger Frame
  • Larger Optic Lens
  • Rock Solid Design

Same Great Quality Product you have come to Expect from Holosun®

Peripheral Input device Gadget Material property Box

507c on the LEFT & 507 COMPETITION On the RIGHT
Grey Walking shoe Rectangle Sneakers Outdoor shoe

Product Automotive lighting Vision care Rectangle Eyewear

White Automotive tire Bumper Automotive design Automotive lighting

Do you guys think we should OpticGard™ the 507 Competition???? Let us know
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Holosun is owned by the CCP. My thought is buy American 🇺🇸
Greetings! 🇺🇸 It's clear that the CCP boycott ship has sailed 🚢, but no need to fret, RIP! 💀 Team OpticGard™ is dedicated to promoting democracy one OpticGard™ Scope Cover at a time 🎯. With each product we produce, we employ non-violent tactics in the commercial war, globally, to bring peace and democracy to all. While some brands don't have the luxury of being Originated in America, it doesn't change our love for our great nation. RIP, what about you?

Here's a little Symbol of how we spread Democracy...
White Product Black Jersey Sleeve

Camera accessory Automotive design Gadget Rectangle Automotive tire
Automotive design Font Rectangle Automotive exterior Auto part
Automotive lighting Rectangle Bumper Automotive design Automotive tire

Automotive tail & brake light Automotive lighting Hood Grille Automotive tire
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What about me? I served my country for 20 years in the USAF. There was nothing peaceful or democratic about it.
SIr, Thank You For your Service.
Please excuse Our previous engagement, as it meant no offense.
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