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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by TampaBaySean, May 8, 2012.

  1. TampaBaySean

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    I got my precious stickers and don't know what to do with them lol.. I don't want to waste them . I know my tool now is getting one . I am not putting one on my car for 2 reasons. I don't want firearm stickers on there cause sometimes I am not legally permitted to bring a gun into an establishment and leave it locked in my glovebox and 2 the Fl Sun eats them up quick like !..

    Is the adhesive strong on the back ? Maybe It'll be a safe decoration lol
  2. huh?

    The Florida sun, even in a black car wont do anything to your Glock and why cant you lock it in your glovebox?

  3. TampaBaySean

    TampaBaySean New Member

    I was referring to the sticker getting wrecked by the sun . and I don't want to advertise I have a gun because sometimes I have to leave it locked in the car..
  4. TampaBaySean

    TampaBaySean New Member

    Read it a little slower hahahaha
  5. ahhhh, gotcha...

    well... If it helps, I have mine on my track fairings for the bike. Yeah buddy, Sponsored by Glock Forum. lol
  6. TampaBaySean

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    ^ thats awesome !!!!!! Now wheres your check for parts lmao
  7. iamthedood

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    :( I never got my stickers