Glock for my wife

Discussion in 'What Glock Should I Get' started by GlockMonkey, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. GlockMonkey

    GlockMonkey New Member

    I'm getting my G19 tomorrow and about to have my CHL. I want my wife carrying as well, are any of here women, or men with significant others that carry a G26? How has carrying it worked for you/them?
  2. Caseyglock19

    Caseyglock19 New Member

    My girl wanted a 19 or a 17 like me, (I couldn't let her have the same gun as me, my friends would never let me live it down. lol) she tried the 26 and loves it. Now she wants to go to the range everyday. Girls love their "baby glocks".

  3. jimmyalbrecht

    jimmyalbrecht Glockn Rollin

    Let her choose, bottom line. Females are weird about what they like, and sometimes the sole fact that you picked it makes it not right haha.
  4. GAgal

    GAgal Well-Known Member

    If there is a range near you that has rentals, take her there and have her shoot as many different kinds as she can. It's all about fit. She needs to find the one that is right for her.