Glock Factory Sights Who Likes Them Who Doesnt?

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    LONEWOLF New Member

    Just replaced my 19 factory sights with Tru glo trituim and fiber optic sights I love them and on my 27 I have trijicon night sights its not that i mind the factory sights but there are so many great aftermarket sights.....
  2. twag4

    twag4 New Member

    I don't like the factory sights. For me they are not intuitive to align for point of aim impact. I always end up shooting low with them. I try to put the dot in the bottom of the cup instead of alligning the top of the front sight post with the top of the rear sight. Anyway, meprolights for me on all four of my glocks. Three dots in a row equally spaced and poa impact. Good stuff!

  3. chilly613

    chilly613 New Member

    Heine Straight 8's for me. Best night sights I've used. Less than a second for me to acquire a sight picture. Bright front sight dim rear sight.
  4. Argyle64

    Argyle64 New Member

    I hate the factory sights. The first mod I make to any Glock is changing out to some fiber optic sights.
  5. Fresh801

    Fresh801 New Member

    Love my truglo tfo's

  6. glocknloaded

    glocknloaded Click Click Boom Supporter

    I am really not a big fan of the factory sites I still have them on my 17 but there going very soon...
  7. TheDanielism

    TheDanielism New Member

    I actually really like the stock sights. High visibility in daylight and good for quick target acquisition during IDPA competition. Have has them on my Gen 4 G17 since I got it

    I do have Trijicon night sights on my G22 and I really like those too.

    Toss up for me
  8. G-23

    G-23 Premium Member

    I don't care for the factory sights and tend to shoot high with them. I end up spending too much time focusing on trying to get the dot on the front siight down where it belongs, so the top of the front sight is level with the rear sight on the first shot.
  9. Matthew780

    Matthew780 Very Sensitive Guy (^;)

    I concur. The Glock factory sights are just fine... as long as there is light.

    But I carry a G-21 all the time, 24 hours a day. And when I have it in my hand at night time? I can't see the sights. This is one of two reasons I'm changing them. The other being, I'm putting night sights on my carry piece & some sort of night system (undecided) on my shotgun. Around the clock functionality is a must on both of them.

    My only trouble is going to be picking out the best night sight system. With so damned many to choose from, no way to try them all. So I guess I'm just going to pick me someone that I know has been around the block and go with their recommendation.

    The requirements are simple though: I have to be able to see them in low and no light, lol.
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  10. bhale187

    bhale187 New Member Supporter

    I'm not a fan of the Glock stock factory sights, I prefer mepros
  11. I dislike the factory cup & ball sights. I have factory night sights on mine and love those. May upgrade someday.
  12. Matthew780

    Matthew780 Very Sensitive Guy (^;)

    Ameriglo I-Dot Pro

    I'm going with these the 1st of the month:

  13. mauro3005

    mauro3005 New Member

    I use the stock sights and blacken them with a sharpie :). It's the cheap alternative to competition sights
  14. i02much

    i02much New Member

    Just bought my first Glock. A G26 gen4. My S&W has a 3 dot configuration and I find myself taking longer to acquire with the factory Glock sites. I think I'm going to try the suggestion the other member posted about coloring the bottom line with the sharpie. Wonder how hard it would be to remove the sharpie if I wanted to without damaging the site.
  15. kodiak

    kodiak Active Member

    I do not like the Glock stick sights. I shoot just fine with them, but a quality set of aftermarkets make a big difference. I prefer more light between my front post and I don't like anything distracting on the rear (white goalposts).
  16. jimmyalbrecht

    jimmyalbrecht Glockn Rollin

    I actually shot really well with them. My new Tru-Glo TFOs are pretty awesome though. The only thing is that they are off just a bit. The grouping is about 2 inches to the right of where I'm shooting from 15 yards so I'm not too worried about it.
  17. I had trouble difficulty getting a good sight picture in diminished light conditions with the factory sights on my 23g4. I had a set of Trijicon HD Night Sights (painted orange front sight) put on and I can now get a sight picture whether I have light or not, which is great when you live in the sticks with little to no light.
  18. Argyle64

    Argyle64 New Member

    That's a super easy fix. If you were here in Oklahoma I would do it for you in a matter of minutes.
  19. Blades

    Blades Senior Member

    I think you can use rubbing alcohol to remove Sharpie ink, but I don't know what that would do to the white sight.
    I did this today: