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    Here's just a few expressions I found somewhere long ago, don't recall though. I thought they were funny and saved them in my drafts for a chuckle now and then.

    To GLOCK or not to GLOCK: That is the question: Whether 'tis nobler to suffer the slings and arrows of an inferior weapon, Or to assail against that sea of troubles, And by GLOCKING end them? (

    Glockjoc = A Glock shooting enthusiast. (

    glockally challenged = Forgot his glock at home. (

    glocktagious = When you buy a GLOCK and all your friends follow along. (

    GLOCKCOMA = A condition afflicted upon fleeing felons, the symptoms include the loss of the ability to breath (forever). (

    Glockbotomy = The result of one of those classic center of the forehead shots. (

    GLOCKTOMETRIST = Person who works on GLOCK pistol sights. (

    EGLOCTIC = A form of expression in decoration of one's office or room using different models of Glocks. (

    GLOCKOSIZE = A 30 to 40 minute work out at the gun range with my Glock. (

    GLOCKENSTEIN = A customized .45. (

    glockoma = What a suspect will be happy to be in if he lives. (

    Glockadile = A glock handgun with marine striker sleves. (

    Glocktail = A beer. (

    Glock-o-rama = A G.S.S.f. match. (

    Fall in Glock = What happens when you see a Glock the first time!!! (

    Born to Glock = What we do!!! (

    Glockarena = The ceremonial dance performed by a Glock owner after an exceptionally good shot. (

    Glock-a-teer = Gang-banger who packs a Glock. (

    What time is it? Better check the GLOCK = Keyword used to let your packin' partner know you smell something fishy about. (

    Glick, Glack goes the Glock = ound heard as you practice your double tapping. (

    Glock-o-ma = That big orange dot you get in the center of your vision when you go out to check your night sights and forget about the fireball. (

    Glockin' around the clock = CCW dreams! (

    Rockin' around the Glock = Expert on the range. (

    Glock and Roll = The mad dash for cover as one draws. (

    Glock climbing = The art of buying a new Glock every time a new one comes out. (

    Glock-o-rama = Showing everyone that comes over all your Glock stuff. (

    Glock me = Begging a buddy at the range to let you try his Glock out. (

    Glockerella = A beautiful woman with a Glock. (

    Glock Jocks = Me, you, them. (

    GLOCKJAW = Shooting a bad guy in the head with your Glock. (
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    These are pretty good. I can see my Glock is "Glocktagious" because all my friends want one when they shoot it haha.

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    Don't forget about the Glock-gasims you all have had...

    CJKOLCUN New Member

    Those are good. Thanks for posting them.
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    This happened about 10 minutes ago at the range. One of my buddies who is sporting a 1911 ask me how I put ten rounds in a 6 inch group so quickly. I told him"it ain't nothing but a G Thang"
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    Nice one! I may have to plagiarise you, Walla545!
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    Ha ya go for it I'm going to swipe some of the glockisms
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    All very good...thanks for posting !!