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    Anyone else have any engravings on their glock?

    Here is mine, shield and initials of the El Paso Sheriffs Office.

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  2. Not to be a ball buster, but if I was a lawyer I would rip you apart for having markings on a gun that may give the impression of a service weapon or officer. I don't recall you ever saying you were an officer, so I apologize if you are but many places don't take anyone under 21 so I'm working on the assumption that you are not.


    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    It is a lawfully possessed, lawfully purchased firearm. It was part of a 250 gun lot sold to Cabelas and distributed to 6 retail locations from the El Paso Sheriffs Office. I do not, nor have I, ever claimed to be a law enforcement officer.
  4. I never said it was illegal. I'm also not saying you are making a claim to be an LEO. What I am saying is that it presents certain things to the public and for the $150 cost it would be wise to get rid of that slide and replace it with another one.

    I wouldn't even be worried just about the lawyers out there, you get a cop in a bad mood and he will arrest you for impersonation. He will have a case for it, too.
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    My department was the first on the West Coast to use Glock exclusively. Glock engraved all 100 G-22's for us to use and abuse, and when it was time to replace them, many of us wanted to purchase them because of the PD engraving. We were told by Glock that they needed to be returned AND destroyed, because they could not legally sell them to the public for the exact reason Nuks is referring to.
  6. Many times they end up sold if there is no officers name on there, but it shouldn't be allowed.

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    I would have to disagree on that. The police here that I have shown my weapon to, are impressed by it, one offered to buy it.

    I do not believe that they would have a case on impersonation.

    I like the engraving, it adds to the history and overall value to the piece. It is unique and I like it just the way it is, but I do want an FDE frame...

    Back to the purpose of the thread...

    Anyone have any glock engravings?
  8. Your of course welcome to disagree, but the fact is if anyone ever takes it that way it becomes, at the very least, a court case. Anything that comes of it costs more than $150.00. You could have the historical factors with the slide on a shelf or in a display case and avoid the legal issues.

    I'm speaking from the position of someone in LE about 15 credits shy of a law degree. Not trying to be difficult, I just know I could create a whole mess in a court room with that.
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    Not to drive away from the thread topic, but how can you file charges against him when the gun was sold that way? Same as when they sell a retired police car most still resemble the PD. now back to the topic I would love to get some custom engraving done. I want to see some pictures.
  10. Those are all points of argument for a court room and a judge, not on the street. Which goes back to my point that a slide is cheaper than a court case. It's not about whether or not he got it that way, it's all about the perception of a person, witness, or officer should that firearm ever need to be used or become visible. I could legally obtain a department badge or patch, which is fine on my wall at home. But should I ever have it on my person and somebody says the wrong thing, well guess what I have a problem. As for the vehicles they are not sold with any department indicators, emblems, or badges on them.
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    First off, sweet pistol!! Love the engraving.

    Secondly, I'm going to have to disagree with nukin on this one. There is no way in Hell he could get in trouble for possessing that slide or gun. A DA couldn't even begin to file charges and an officer attempting to arrest him for "impersonating and officer" would get ripped a new one by his supervisor. In order to impersonate you have to have a badge, and/or uniform, or give the impression you are an officer when in fact you are not. A simple engraving on a Glock slide is far from those requirements.
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    Valid points nukin not worth a case
  13. I'm not saying that simply having it or walking around with it would lead to a single problem. It's all about circumstance and interpretation. Just because he never claims to be an officer doesn't really matter. The problem is if there is ever a situation the circumstances could potentially line up in such a way that someone can misread or even twist that slide into a negative thing.

    You can even call it paranoia, because it is. You have to CYA because nobody in this world is going to do it for you. The slide is wicked cool, but put it on a shelf. Spend $150 and know that it doesn't matter if I'm right or not. I want to be wrong, I want to never be proven right.

    Having rights and being right does not make you right in court. Common sense and logic fall short on the street. And when SHTF you better cross your T's and dot your I's.
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    I agree besides he lives in AZ where common sense riegns. There are thousands of LE Engraved pistols out there. Even a first yr Law Student would get stupid charges thrown out. "Your Honor here is his receipt from Cabelas" One thing we have become in the country is so worried about It could get you in court when there is not one shred of evidence that that has happened ANYWHERE! If you want to carry your Elpaso PD Glock then do so and if you get arrested for it call Nuk and he can defend you:D after all he is more than a first yr law student!

  15. Again, I'm not concerned about owning or possessing it, obviously that is legal. It is the context that it may be called into question based on the situation. It may become irrelevant where it came from.

    Not gonna beat a dead horse, i spoke my peace.
  16. ... was hoping to see actual photos of engraving on this thread, not a legal debate. Can we please get on topic, or move this thing to legal, moderators?
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    I would love to see more pictures.
  18. Danzig

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    Here's some

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    Those make me think about getting my 17FDE slide done with my agency's badge/emblem.
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    I have a buddy who just bought a G17 G3 from a local gun shop. The slide also has a badge and engravings from the Detroit Police Department. I'll see if I can get a picture of it.

    So this could be a bad deal?