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  1. Does anyone on here do custom engraving? I'd like to get my last name engraved on my barrel after I get it polished.... anyone here do that service at an affordable price'?
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    A Friend of mine has his done here His work is good I have seen it. Price is Very Good but yes you have to send it unless you live in the Reno/Sparks area! I plan on having at least one of my 21's done there!
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    Not that I plan on selling mine, but if...just if I had to (ie. the economy continues in the toilet during a second term), wouldn't engraving reduce the resale?
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    I guess it would depend on the engraving. I am sure if I had Moto Marine Corps stuff engraved on my Glock I could sell it for at least what I have in it. But if you engrave personal stuff it would reduce it.
  7. Well, Im looking at getting my polished barrel engraved... you can always buy a new stock barrel if you wanna sell it lol
  8. PLus I have no intentions of selling my glock lol
  9. First off, I have great prices on professional polishing if you need it :D

    A few words of caution here on the engraving:

    Send it only to someone you can verify as an actual professional, who is engraving the barrel with a CNC machine. A guy in a garage with a dremel is not going to produce the result you are looking for. Anyone who tells you different is an idiot.

    I will caution against doing this at all. I know it's your gun, you can never imagine selling it, etc etc but things happen. Nobody wants to buy a gun then buy a new barrel unless you cut them a really good deal. Engraving anything hurts the sale value, but your last name is a deal breaker for sure.