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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by Shadow, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. Shadow

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    I am posting this to see about getting some input from those of you that have dealt with Glock CS and was wondering about the overall experience that you may have had with them. From the first time that I called in, it seems that I always get someone on the line that is being bothered by my call. After getting the label info emailed to me, I called back to ask a question about the return delivery only to get the same type of response....again, like I am being a bother.

    Don't get me wrong, I am not expecting anyone to jump through hoops but I was only asking a simple question, during both calls, about my Glock and wasn't too crazy about having to pry an answer out from the guy on the other end of the line. I've heard both good and bad things about them and really hope that my G17 comes back with a resolved issue so I won't have to 'bother' that department again.

    Has anyone else had these types of problems? I wouldn't want to sell my G17 just because I wouldn't feel comfortable for bothering their tech service if my Glock would ever require repair again. Unfortunately, I don't have any Glock Armorers in my area.

    Thanks for any input.
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  2. Webphisher

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    What area are you from, to be honest it might just be a cultural/area difference. I've called in several times and I've never had any problems with them, but I'm used to dealing with people on the east cost area. A lot of them seem rushed or hurried but its not you thats bothering them, its just the way a ton of people on the east are.

    Now before I get pelted I don't mean that as knock or anything, I just have dealt with a lot of people from different areas of the country and know that certain regions just work at different paces.

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    :DWhen ya get ready to sell ya Glock call me.;)

    Many folks don't seem to know what they want to ask when they call. Vague questions are usually answered with vague replies.
    Some folks are better with our language than others. It might help to write down first what you want to ask before making the call. I have to do this myself when dealing with technicians outside of myknowledge base. With the computer I can even research part numbers now-a-daystoo.

    Glock staff is undermaned, and over worked so I try to get my questions as simple as I can. Get them asked and get off the phone.
  4. Shadow

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    I've traveled all across the country and dealt with alot of different people as well, but this isn't any kind of miscommunication on my part. And I am also familiar as to how people from the east can be, however, my interaction with CS wasn't a 'hurry up and get off the phone' kind of conversation. It was more along the lines of me asking a question and practically hearing chirping crickets on the other end while waiting for an answer. :eek:

    Don't get me wrong, I wasn't lollygagging in asking my questions during those two calls. I knew what I was going to ask before I called. :D

    In the end, I just hope that I get my G17 back without the problem that it had before I sent it in. Otherwise, I may have to find a Glock Armorer somewhere within driving distance and take a little trip.
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    Glock's customer service, overall, is the best in the industry as far as I'm concerned. They are quick, efficient and generous in their service.

    As far as calling, however, there is a fault in the system; they do not have a customer service call center the way many other manufacturers do. When you call Glock, the person who answers the phone is literally the receptionist at the front window, or one of two or three people immediately behind her. If they seem to be short with you, it's because they get slammed with calls.

    I'm not entirely sure why they don't have a dedicated call center, but I suspect it's because overall, the call volume doesn't support the startup costs. I think it's a little too much for the existing staff, but not enough to justify building out a call center and staffing it. If you look at the "contact us" section on the website, you'll see that the "customer service" number is the same as the main US HQ number.

    I don't know when they redesigned their website, but until they did you couldn't contact them via the web. No web form, no email address. You had to call. So they're making progress!
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    My first experience with their customer service was when I experienced failures to feed with a brand new G23 magazine while all of my other magazines worked fine. I called Glock about it, and the tech gave me two options: 1 Send the magazine in, it will be tested and either repaired or replaced if the problem can be replicated or 2 You probably got a bad magazine spring, we'll send you a new one. I chose the magazine spring, and it arrived very quickly. Unfortunately the problem was not a weak spring, it was excess plastic at the front of the feed lips, I shaved it down and that magazine works flawlessly now. I had to do the same with another new G23 magazine. I don't believe Glock was aware of that problem at the time, and they still may not be, but the very newest .40 magazines already have that plastic shaved down so the people in Austria are probably aware of it. The guy I talked to was very nice and helpful.

    My second experience with their customer service was when I had the erratic ejection problem in my G27. They had just released the new ejectors and I knew they weren't supposed to send them to non-Armorers, but I requested one anyway because they were not yet available from retailers. The first guy I spoke to was very polite and said that they could only send that part to Armorers, but I could find a local Armorer to order and install the part for me. I called again a few days later hoping to get someone who would send the ejector to me, the second guy I talked to seemed annoyed, like he didn't like working for customer/warranty service. He also said he couldn't send the ejector to me, which I understand, it's Glock's policy. Neither time did they offer a prepaid shipping label, they didn't even mention that I could send the gun in to them to have the part installed. Though, I wouldn't have sent it in anyway because it's an OD frame and I didn't want to risk the frame being "replaced" with a black frame.
    That's probably the same guy I talked to the second time about the ejector, I've heard similar experiences from other people who've called and they probably talked to the same guy. I've worked in customer service and it can be frustrating, but you have to control your frustration and not take it out on the customers. The customers never made me frustrated, what frustrated me was how easily my employer could've helped the customers with their problems but refused to. Glock's Warranty Service probably deals with a large volume of erratic ejection related calls these days, and the techs are probably getting tired of dealing with the issue.
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    So far I have Zero experience with Glocks customer service, and that is a good thing. I hope that who you have been dealing with just needs to get out to the range and have some fun.
  8. Shadow

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    I completely understand how they could get swamped with calls, especially if they don't have a department set up exclusively for dealing with customer issues. Hopefully, they will set one up someday to relieve the situation.

    I'm really eager to get my G17 back, with the problem resolved, so I can head back out to the range and so some shooting. :D
  9. sgtcowboyusmc

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    I've owned Glocks since 1988 and have never had a problem with any of mine! That is the best thing about Glocks I can say!
  10. Shadow

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    Well, I got my G17 back just moments ago but unfortunately won't be able to take it out to the range till next week. Hopefully, the problem was resolved since I was told they replaced a faulty extractor. I REALLY appreciate the fast turnaround time, only a little over 2 weeks!!
  11. Evbery company has some crappy agents. My experience has been top notch and I talk to them a few times a month.
  12. Shadow

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    I agree. I called Glock CS, after receiving my 17, and was quickly helped by one of their reps that told me what was done and replaced......a totally different experience from the previous call.