Glock conversion kits 22LR

Discussion in 'Glock Accessories & Gear' started by josefsu2000, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. josefsu2000

    josefsu2000 New Member

    I'm thinking of getting a conversion kit in order to shoot the inexpensive 22 rounds...

    Any suggestions or reviews are appreciated...
  2. flightmedic76

    flightmedic76 New Member

    They don't seem cost effective to me. For the cost of the kit and 2 or 3 mags, you may as well just buy a dedicated .22 for the same cost or less. To each his own, but just a thought.

  3. bubba2001

    bubba2001 Well-Known Member Supporter

    I purchased the Advantage Arms conversion kit for my G17 3 yrs ago and it paid for itself in the first year

    Advantages= same trigger pull during pracice for a lot less $$$
    Disadvantages= ammo specific and must keep it clean and usually backordered at least 6 months