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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by nyycanseco33, May 4, 2012.

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    Glock is a great company but I have recently been thinking about some different things they could try... Maybe instead of their cutaway model they could provide a simulated transparent model for instructional purposes and for display purposes that is functional but non firing... Could use an acrylic or hard transparent polymer material for the frame and slide, would be a simulation/display piece so the durability issue isn't a factor but I think it would be great to see the internals inside and see it work through the transparent model...

    Yes I know that's a bit out there but I think it would be educational to Glock enthusiasts, Glock armorers, and handgun course members who are unfamiliar with the safe action system... Would help explain the questions of 3 integral safeties that seem to be a common issue by showing how it actually works...

    Anyways are there any people who agree or disagree with this or have other ideas for Glock concepts that you think should be done in the future (besides the single stack 9mm argument)
  2. david1962hd

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    I do agree, I'm with you, I think it would be a wonderful for training purposes.

  3. SHOOTER13

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    Sounds like a good idea...why not contact Glock with it and see what they say...
  4. nyycanseco33

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    I doubt Glock would buy into it but I'm sure some of us are quite artistic with those materials and can integrate the Glock internal components, I bet we could get some creative pieces made and have some talented people here who would enjoy this task :)

    (provided there is no copywrite issue, would hate to get anybody in trouble and I don't want to promote illegal activity)