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  1. JDg17

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    Anybody know how to take just the black coating off the Glock barrel and slide? I want them both to have that gun metal factory finish and I was told that if I just soak them in vinegar for a while I can just use a Scott's brite pad to take it off...if somebody could help n give me some suggestions it would b a great appreciation
  2. Vineagar pits the metal the pad will scratch the metal. Polishing compound and a rag, stop when desired.

  3. JDg17

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    So just a rag n polishing compound? No tool needed?
  4. iGlock

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    I soaked my barrel for a few minutes in vinager and polished it with mothers polish and a rag....

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  5. JDg17

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    Yea that looks sick! How long did it take and I think I can get the slide like that too??
  6. iGlock

    iGlock Lead Farmer

    Only took a couple of hours of elbow grease. The slide is a different story, cant polish it like the barrel.
  7. Why not? It's the same thing.

    As for the vinegar many people have got lucky, but I repair 3-5 barrels/slides a week that did not. There is no reason to soak or sand any part of a glock barrel or slide.
  8. Junior-G-man

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    Polishing The Serations

    Has anyone polished just the serrations on a slide? I mean just the raised parts up to the sharp line that curves around to the top of the slide. I think it would look pretty sharp, along with a polished barrel.

    Also, does anyone do "engine turning?" I believe that's what it is called. It is those little swirls.

    Whjat say you, mr. Nuk?
  9. As for the fins yes, as for the second part i have no idea what your talking about....

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

  11. Junior-G-man

    Junior-G-man Beak 'em Hawks!

    Yes! Like that, 'cept the ones I've seen are overlapped. Go look at the dash on a '76 (and other years) Firebird Trans Am.

    Are there any pics of the serrations, or fins, polished, that I can see? Thanks!

    If so, I may very well have my fins and barrel polished this winter when I'm not shooting so much...By you, of course, Mr. Nuk!!
  12. I could do that effect, but I can tell you now it will look god awful.

    I can try and get some pics together, but if you take a look around there are some here on the forum.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    I too agree it wouldn't look good. IMHO.
  14. iGlock

    iGlock Lead Farmer

    I just wouldnt try it on the slide. As for my barrel it functions great. Shot a 1 1/2-2in grouping at 10-15 yards after the polished work.
  15. I guess I'm just confused as to why. I polish 15-20 slides and barrels a day.
  16. EMSeight

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    I hope not to offend the thread starter by hijacking by any means, I recently bought(yesterday) a Glock 27 with "dynamic finishes desert camo" on it but it looks horrible from wear and tear I suppose. Question is, should I have it refinished and what kind of costs are involved with that or is there a way to restore it to the black finish. I got a smoking deal, paid 300 for it and 2 mags and it shoots just fine, just need advice on the finish. Thanks guys.
  17. Glockmaster

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    Check out nukinfuts29 he is a vendor here an from what I've seen and hear of he is really good.
  18. Dynamic.....well their products leave a lot to be desired is a nice way to put it. They just don't stand the test of time. The current finish needs to be stripped and the gun needs to be prepped and then re-finished.

    If all you want is to take it back to the black I can do it for $80 + $20 for return shipping and handling. You would have it back in a little under or right at two weeks. Right now the single color turn around is 8 days, but orders come in all the time so it could go up. Typically speaking single color jobs never take more than two weeks to make it back home to you.

    Just shoot me a message if you want to place the order. I'm the cheapest option because I do it for this community. Make no mistake though, my work is far more valuable than the price I put on it.

    Twisted Monkey Customs
  19. Baker

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    I've been reading all this stuff about polishing so I had to give it a try. I pushed the barrel and it looks pretty good. However, the part of the barrel that you can see with the serial number has machine marks on it. What should I do to remove these marks so it shines like the rest?