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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by jar79, Mar 7, 2012.

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    I am a firearm Noob bought my first one about a month ago and my G26 literally a week ago. I saw a thread were everyone says they clean there's after every range trip. I watched HICKOK45 and saw his video for cleaning. RIP Gunner. Those who watch his videos regliously like me know what I'm talking about. But to get back on subject. How do you guys cleans your Glocks or any gun. Is there a special technique or method I should know and use. I know you can over clean. Just want to make sure I do it right an can you guys recommend cleaners and any other products. Thanks in advance.
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    I use Hoppe's #9 for the bore of the barrel only, Hoppe's Elite Gun Cleaner for everything else including plastic, and Ballistol oil for corrosion protection and lubrication. I wipe every metal surface, except the insides of the magazines, with Ballistol oil then wipe dry for corrosion protection. Then I apply small drops of oil in the areas indicated by the instruction manual. Every once in a while I'll detail strip and clean.

    I'm quite a bit more thorough than this but here are some basic videos:

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    Follow the Owners Manual. Use any stuff that is made for guns and you'll be fine! Nothing special is required as long as you shoot jacketed bullets.

    I do use an old tooth brush that I bent the head of at a 45* angle(just heat it up some with a lighter then bend and hold til it cools). The brush helps to get all the loose stuff out and off the gun before a good cleaning. You can use it for a scrubrush too.
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    Follow the manual it's a good guideline. I clean my personal guns after most trips to the range. I tell our officers to clean them every range session (doubt half do).

    One trick I've learned, mainly because our Dept. is cheap, is a $1 huge bottle of rubbing alcohol cleans guns just as good as Hoppe's and doesn't stink......

    If one of our guns gets turned in and is just in horrible condition I have literally gone to the sink ran piping hot water and scrubbed them with hot soapy water, this of course was after a detail strip. I'd run them back under piping hot water let them air dry wipe down with a VERY lightly oiled rag and reassembled and stored in our locker.