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    I haven't bought a glock yet because I can't decide on whether to get a 19 or 23. The 19 uses the cheapest ammo but my grandfather reloads .40SW and has a whole bunch already made. For that reason I'm kind of leaning towards a 23 with a 40 to 9 conversion barrel. I've researched getting a 19 and converting it to a 23, but I found out that would be more expensive since i would have to buy a complete upper. Reliability wise which way would be better, converting a 19 to a 23 or converting a 23 to a 19? And yes I realize the most reliable option would be to buy both a 19 and a 23, but I only have enough money for one glock :(

    As far as converting a 23 to a 19 with just a barrel, I have found 3 barrel company's that make conversion barrels, KKM, Storm Lake and Lone Wolf. Which, if any, is considered the most reliable? Is there another brand that makes a better conversion barrel?

    When you do take a 23 and convert it to a 19 is, besides the barrel, is there anything else I would need to change to make the 23 shoot just a reliable as if it was a stock 19, if that is even possible to do with a converted 23?

    So far I've been looking at and, is there any other online stores that sell glock parts and accessories?


  2. Never used a conversion barrel, but I know that u will need the correct 9mm mag to be used properly. And in my opinion no conversion will be 100% reliable then stock.

  3. I hear people are haven really good luck with some conversions.I know a few that swear by the lone wolf 9mm but have problems with 115gr if the gun is new. mostly winchester whitebox. They rekamend shooting 1mag to 1 box of +p or +p+ to work the new barrel in and then a box of 124 gr.then try the 115gr if still won't cycle then get a 11lbs spring.
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    Welcome to the forum lunchbox!! Enjoy! If you get a minute drop by our itro. Section and tell us about you and your glocks!
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    I did my research and decided on the KKM barrel. Way more accurate than the OEM.
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    Just the barrel and you can convert a 23 to fire the 9mm rounds, you can even use the G23 mags (or G22 mags for that matter) filled with 9mm ammo.

    As for being just as reliable as a G19, I would not bet on it. The mags are different, the extractors are different, the ejectors are different; over all you are talking about several parts that are not designed specifically for the 9mm round, it will work to shoot them safely, but for anything outside range use I would not stake my life on it being reliable.