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  1. I was wondering if any one has experience with them?

    They say the integrated compensator will rendering the weapon even more controllable during rapid fire and allowing an improved hit pattern. If this is true think I might look at getting a glock 21c in stead of the full size 21.
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    I just bought a G20C, haven't shot it yet but I also ordered a KKM barrel unported. I will be shooting this gun fairly soon and am also wondering about the comp on it...

  3. FWIW,
    I have never shot a "C" GLOCK, but many of my guns have a compensator from target rifle's to assault rifle's (and pistol's) and they DEFINITELY make a difference . They keep your barrel from rising by channeling the gasses that come out of the muzzle during firing which makes target acquisition 100% easier on "the second shot" and under rapid fire.
    On my 10-22 my cross hairs don't even leave the bulls eye when I squeeze the trigger @ 200yds, My AK's would "literately" make a straight line up a target under rapid fire but with even a slant muzzle brake it rises 50% less.
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    What is the purpose of the firearm? Compensated will help in comp and target shooting, but is not helpful as a defensive weapon. If you ever fire from a closer stance than full arm extension it will blow gas in your face which will blur vision. Also, it will create a larger flash in low-light or nighttime shooting.
  5. Its mostly going to be one of my home defense guns and my concealed carry gun if Illinois ever passes that. I'll still target shoot with it at the range but mostly a self defense gun. So what you saying is that I should just stick with the regular 21 cause the 21c will hurt me more then help in CQB situations? I thought it would help with double tapping since the muzzle wont climb as much.

    Thanks for the information as this is all new grounds for me. :)
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    A compensated barrel for CQB is a downfall, so yes, if the primary purpose is home defense you need to look at the standard barrels. With a proper grip and follow through, a double tap is fairly easy even with a 45.
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    My 19 is compensated. My PD department issues G22 .40, and I carry G27 .40 for back-up, but I really like shooting the G19C. I actually bought it for my wife mainly due to recoil (she didn't like the .40 recoil..). But after shooting at the range with my wife, I really like it and have had no problems with gasses, however, as mentioned above, if you are not extended some (depends on your height, I'm 6'4" so partial extend does not cause a problem for me), it can cause the gas to blur your vision. The night flash is not as exageratted as some of the high speed low light cameras take in milliseconds. But yes, if you are going to fire one shot, it will give your position away. However, even without Comp, it still is going to give your general area away and there is still a flash...

    But, I am able to come on target much quicker than with a G22 or G27. My personal opinion with home defense firearms is that if you need to grab a firearm/glock for a home invasion in the middle of the night, it probably will not matter if you grab a Glock Compensated or not. Identify your target and "stop the threat" (legal jargon for do what you have to..) Your compensated or not Glock will do the job as long as you have good shot placement.

    Of all though, I prefer the G21. Non "C", but I am also back on target quickly even with that caliber.. My opinion only, and there are many great ones above. I say go shoot several, compensated, non-compensated, different calibers. In the end, what you feel most comfortable with, is generally what you will shoot the best. Just get to know whatever firearm you choose..

    -Take Care
  8. I own a 22C, I've had it for about 6 years now. It feels to me to have the same recoil as my friends 17. In the police academy I didn't have any problems with it during CQB or night shooting. The V ports on mine allow me to keep an adequate sight picture without blinding me at night and I only singed the hair on my arm once during CQB shooting, but nothing that would even be noticed under duress. Heck I didn't even notice at the time it happened. :D
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    The .45ACP does not generate enough pressure for the porting to have any effect. In 9mm, ,.40S&W, and especially 10mm, there will be a notiacible reductioin in recoil, but also an increase in noise and muzzle flash. I have heard lots of talk about how the gasses from the ports will burn you if you shoot from a close retention position, but I have never actually heard of that happening and I have seen many people shoot ported firearms from close retention without any difficulties. So if you want a G21, the compensated model will just generate more noise and flash, it won't offer any improved performance (but it does look and sound more impressive at the range). With the high pressure cartridges you have to decide if the trade off between reduced recoil is worth it.
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    Like butta'

    I have a Gen3 G19C. I find the muzzle flash about equal to the straight barreled Gen2 G19. The muzzle flip is noticeably less. I even find the felt recoil to be less. Louder? Maybe a tad, but at 61, I might be having some hearing loss.

    My only negative to the gun is that after a range session, that bad boy is definitely an angel with a dirty face. But then, that'd be caused by the nature of the barrel design so it should be expected.

    I have a Northern Tools mini parts washer in the basement filled with Hoppe's #9 so no problem. Besides, I love the smell of gun cleaner in my garage. Better than Old Spice.:D

    Usually after a re-qual a couple of the gang will come back to my house because of my tool washer and it's just like a couple of ol' fishing buddies sitting at the dock just "kicking the bobo".
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    Just because I haven't seen anyone else mention it, the 21 and 21c are the same size. The only difference is the ports in the top of the slide & barrel.

    There is the 21SF which has a slightly smaller grip circumference, but it too is otherwise the same size.

    I've read complaints from some that after a few rounds the front sight is so dirty it's no longer visible, but that's going to depend on the ammo you choose.

    Personally, I wouldn't waste the time or money it will take to obtain a C model vs. a standard model.

    As far as "double taps" go, I would put that out of your mind. If you're shooting in a self defense scenario, you shoot until the threat stops, whether it takes one round or a full magazine. Learn to shoot accurately and quickly, regardless of how many rounds you need to shoot. Forget double taps unless you're in a movie. ;)
  12. Thanks for all the input guys, because of it I just got the regular glock 21 gen 3. Which fits my large hands just fine :D.
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    I have a G23c. I got the gun in trade and used it a bit in its normal configuration. No issues.

    But now it is mostly used with a LWD 40 to 9 conversion barrel and is basically a G19 with slide cuts. Still no issues. Runs like a Glock.
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    I would agree completely. As a LE firearms instructor I don't allow "C" models for duty use, and strongly discourage them for off duty or SD guns. I do agree they have there purpose but more-so for comp use....
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    Practicing and developing a good muscle memory trumps a compensator. I have tried the 17C a friend of mine had with my standard 17 and I couldn't see any difference in felt recoil. We shot at night and I did notice that his lit up the eyes a lot more.

    Personally, I'll never have a C model. Some might like them, though.
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    Glock 17 c

    Ihave a glock17c with a green laser,,,,wow what a nice gun.
  17. I have a G22C with trijicons on it. I have shot in low light and no light situations. the only time I have been blinded was with winchester ball ammo and a dirty barrel. I have found federal HST gives me the least flash, with a orange glow. shoot and test your ammo, because a white flash in the middle of the night would suck waking up in the middle of the night. that being said, this is my go to war gun. I have no reservations shooting this gun in any situation, the flash does not obstruct my view in any way, and if aia ever got a burn, I have never noticed it
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    I also have the Gen3 19C and echo the sentiments above. Agreed on it being dirtier too, but that's to be expected.
  19. i have the 21c .. feels very smooth shooting.. i went in rapid fire with it at the range and i could do that all day long .. i shot my 9mm, my hands hurt after 5 rounds .. i personally thought the slit on the barrel lessened the recoil but that is just my 2 cents ..
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    I happily own a Glock 20 & 20C. The Comp guns are a special bred. Yes they do what they are engineered for. But mine being a 10mm weapon makes it just the thing to have. I shoot 180 gr. JHP in it and with hot loads. The flash is not bad at all. But I do have it at almost full extension so Im not worried about flash. My suggestion is to try to borrow one from a friend or see if your range has one to rent and try it. I think you will be pleased.