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  1. BobS

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    I just picked up my Blue Label Glock 19 Gen 4 from my LGS yesterday. I ordered it directly from Glock in Smyrna, GA back on 28 January. They told me then it would take 120 days. Well....They were just about right. You can't beat Blue Label prices, but you have to be patient. I ordered mine with 2 extra mags, giving me a total of 5. I would definitely buy this way again, but now I hear the wait is closer to 180 days or more. Yikes!

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  2. sstock38

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    The 19 is a great firearm! Just picked up my Blue Label 23 Gen 4 on Wednesday. Took about 100 days to arrive!

  3. Crazyj331

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    Nice!!! I've not all of my Glocks through the Blue label program, currently waiting on my G17. I've been on the list for about 60 days, trying to remain patient.
  4. onegreywolf

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    I have never heard of the Blue Label program for Glocks. Can anyone tell me what is involved in the process. I'd appreciate it, as I am considering buying another G20.
  5. Here is the info straight from Glock. What state do you live in?
  6. Silver-Bolt

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    Looks like you got a beavertail too.
  7. SpokaneCJ

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    My new Gen4 G26 is waiting for me at my LGS, my flight home Thursday can't come fast enough!! Blue label price OTD - $473
  8. kodiak

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    It may be a blue label gun, but that dealer is either marking them up, or he is getting the blue labels from somewhere other than (directly) from Glock. A blue label Glock 26 for LE/MIL/1st Responder should be $398 plus tax and fees....and around $425 under the GSSF program.
  9. LT2108

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  10. nottompetty

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    I got my 19 from gt distributing. When I ordered it they said it would be 4-6 months for a gen 4 and I told them I wanted a gen 3 and was told it would be 6-8 months. Then I got a call from my ffl 2 weeks later saying it was in. I was sure he had read it wrong.
  11. SpokaneCJ

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    It is a GSSF purchase and it includes 3 mags instead of the standard 2 for a sub-compact. My state sales tax is 8.7% so before tax the package was $435.
  12. Don't all gen4s come with 3 mags?
  13. hallstar606

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    Yes all gen 4 I have owned have had 3 mags and i got a gen 3 22 that was a blue label once it had 3 mags I thought it was a mess up but it cost same as the normal gen 3 prices.
  14. kimo

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    Yes gen 4s come with three but blue label gen 3s also come with three. That's really the only difference. That and the price ;-)
  15. kimo

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    Also you don't have to order straight from glock. There is a crazy waiting list. You can find a ffl that is an authorized LE glock retailer and they will honor the price (if they have any). That's what I did with my 19. Cost my 420 OTD.
  16. cda926

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    I got my G29 through the blue label from a dealer that had it in stock. I saved about $100 after tax etc.
  17. Stevaroo01

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    I bought my blue label G21 gen4 through the GSSF program about a month ago. I only had to a wait a week and a half or so for the shipment to come in. The only downside was I had to drive an hour or so to a blue label dealer. Other than that... Can't beat the price!!

    Why in the world are some of you having to wait so long for a blue label? I thought the blue label dealers were the ones getting first priority, and therefore have the best availability. I know a regular Glock in my area can be hit or miss to find... But blue label?
  18. FrontierTCB

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    I never knew about the program until last year. lol Since then I have purchased 2 a G27 and a G35.

    I'm not sure about the shipping situation but I'm thinking it may have something to do with the size of the dealer.

    Got the 35 about a month ago. The LGS I deal with also has a huge Internet business and sells to agencies all over the U.S.

    The day I was there he had just gotten in nine 35's alone, along with a pallet load of other assorted Glocks. Shelves are always full. Except for ammo but that is coming back a little at a time.
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