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    Not sure if this belongs here but wanted to share this with some of our newer members that are unfamiliar with the program (moderators please move this to the correct forum if it is not already there)

    The blue label program is set up with specific Glock dealers (also known as Glock Law Enforcement Dealers) to help provide the same quality Glocks that you would find in the stores but at a significant discount. It is rumored that this program was originally developed for Law Enforcement personnel to purchase Glocks for duty use as some departments required their members to buy their own.

    This has now expanded to:
    current and retired LEO
    retired military with credentials
    current paid or volunteer firefighter/emt
    District attorneys/ADA's
    Security company personnel
    GSSF members - (can only use their yearly discount coupon that they receive if a 2 year or more member)
    Other subjects also - (can't remember off the top of my head)

    For a complete list of qualified people please call Glock customer service or check their website, there is a dealer locator function there that provides a list of who is qualified for the program and who is qualified to sell blue labeled Glocks (this list of dealers also isn't always updated as they are constantly adding more so I suggest you call customer service and get an exact list from the rep of who is closest to your location)

    I hope this has helped and any questions feel free to ask here and I or others will try to help, or give Glock a call :)

    Also on a side note: GSSF members now qualify to be accepted into Glock Armorer Courses which provides the correct training to perform routine maintenance on Glock handguns (this was once restricted to just LEO and military members only)... This is a 3 year certification and can be renewed by attending more AC's every 3 years to keep up to date with skills and product changes... Glock armorers can also order stock OEM parts direct from Glock at a discount that the regular consumer cannot (there is a wait period for parts but it is worth it and the knowledge you take with you from the course alone is just amazing)
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    Thanks for posting this information nyycanesco33 !

  3. I for one support/recommend anyone with the ability, to sign up and attend the armorer course.
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  4. Yes thank you for posting.
  5. brutusvk

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    Great program. I bought three of my four Glocks this way.
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    Ordered my second Glock through the GSSF program 4 weeks ago. Still waiting for it to arrive. Seems like a long time to receive a gun, do you know how long it should take? I plan to take the armor course as soon as one is near here.
  7. SHOOTER13

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    Which model do you currently own, and which model are you waiting on...

    and does the GSSF use the Blue Label Program sredtruck ?!
  8. sredtruck

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    I have a 23 Gen 3 and am waiting on a 27 Gen 4. All I know is he had to order it from a different supplier that supplies LE guns.
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    Yes it does but it's basically the coupon system that the GSSF provides to its 2 year or more members, they use their discount coupons at approved Glock dealers and they get the same blue label guns that firefighters, military and LEO also get
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    I got my G17 with this program
  11. flightmedic76

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    Firefighters and Paramedics also qualify. The dealer near me in the Cleveland area gets 19 gen 4's for $395. The only downside is that because the program is so popular is you need need to be patient and wait 8-12 weeks once it's ordered.
  12. nyycanseco33

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    Here is a screen shot of the Blue Label Program qualified buyers, this is from the Glock website...

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    Thanks for sharing.

    CJKOLCUN New Member

    Good info thanks.
  15. Tillerman

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    Purchased 2 Glocks with this program.
  16. bhale187

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    I'm about to purchase my third Glock on the blue label program.
  17. Got my G19 for $399 through the Blue Label Program!!
  18. MAJM

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    Got my G19 Gen4 for right at $400.
  19. kodiak

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    $398 here ...^ you guys got ripped off! lol (j/k).
  20. Wade

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    I got my G23 through that program. I plan on getting a G17 in a few months as well.