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Glock being investigated

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I Don't think this has been posted but if it has just delete it!
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Gotta side with Gaston, who has more than enough money to pay for his transgressions. He knew what he was about. Good Post.
The wuss filing the charges needs to get a grip.
The guy suing is an ass.. But, REALLY?!?! Gaston didn't think someone would go after his deep pockets?
Hey Mike check your PM..
Hey Mike check your PM..
Crap, just did. Sorry man, I got busy at work right after I read it this morning and forgot all about it. My bad, sorry.:eek:

Reply sent.
Maybe Glock thought he was just being goofy (but after reading that Glock - Rise of America's Gun book, it's not clear that Glock has a sense of humor). Sad, how the writer of the story takes one person's (misguided) actions, and makes all gun owners out to be as irresponsible with their real weapons as Glock was with a squirt gun.

Makes me want to super-soaker the author :D
But photographers/paparazzi can shove their cameras wherever they please? c'mon.
I'd have to see the water gun in question. If it looks real, and he was acting and speaking in a threatening manner, he'd end up in jail if this had happened in the US. He'd be charged with somewhere between aggravated assault and making terroristic threats.
Knowing Gaston's history from reading American Gun, I am sure the photographer knew his past. I bet photo-boy's pants were wet and probably not from the water gun.
This event never occurred. If I wanted to teach him a lesson I would have knocked him silly like I did to that would-be assassin sent by my former associate Charles Ewert in 1999.

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This event never occurred. If I wanted to teach him a lesson I would have knocked him silly like I did to that would-be assassin sent by my former associate Charles Ewert in 1999.


Dude please.....go away.
Mike P said:

Dude please.....go away.
Thank you! Lol my thoughts exactly

Dude please.....go away.
Wow, you guys can't take a joke?
That legalese reply should answers your last question. This is an open members forum. You are using a real persons name as your ID in the forum. As stated above, this online forum is subject to federal laws and guidelines. Is that a knock at your door?
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