Glock and advantage tactical sights?????

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    Does anybody have any input on the advantage tactical sights?

    I am looking for a pair of fixed sights for my G22c that are brighter than the stock sights and has quick target acquisition, also allowing me to get a good target picture. I use my G22c for target shooting (mainly indoors) and GSSF competitions. Would there be any issues with the front sight and the ports? Any other recommendations would be helpful, I'm trying to not spend more than $80.
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    I use them and love them on my G30SF. (see profile pic)

    My eyesight has gone to borderline requiring bifocals. I have a tough time focusing on post and notch type sights. The ATS is much easier for me to use and has allowed me to be more consistent with my shot placement.

    I find it's faster getting back on target with them than the traditional post and notch. In low light, I have a hard time picking up the notch and post, even with glow in the dark 3 dot systems. With the ATS sight, it doesn't matter if I can see the colors or not, I just make a triangle and place the tip of the triangle on target.

    I've even gotten better at "flash sight" point and shoot. The ATS makes it easier (for me at least) to hard focus on the target and use my bottom peripheral to pick up the sights as the gun comes up. With stock sights, if I hard focused on the target, the sights would literally disappear on me and it would take some effort and pain from eye strain to try and refocus on the sights.

    Since my weapon isn't ported, I can't tell you what effect it'll have on the ATS but I suspect it won't matter much. I do find that after 40 rounds or so, the front begins to darken from the powder residue but it doesn't affect my aim; quick wipe of the finger and it's good to go.

    They (ATS) recently put a picture up on their Facebook page with an article from SHOT Show. (

    Personally, I think it's a great investment. For $80.00 you get what amounts to be 25 sights (color combinations) to play with to find what suits you best. I'm still trying to decide between red or green front with white rear.

    Hope this helps in your decision making process. :)
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    Thanks for all of your information, it helps a lot!