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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by pbrause, May 23, 2012.

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    I have a new Gock 21 Gen 4. I love it! Only 300 rounds through it and no misfires, FTF, FTE, etc...I'm not surprised. I bought it for the reliability. I was recently given a few boxes of Winchester 185gr "Silver Tip" Hollow Points. They don't look like JHP. I scratched one and it felt like the whole round was made of lead. Sorry for my ignorance but I don't know if this will "hurt" my new baby. I've already learned the hard way that steel cased wolf ammo occasionally jams in my AR. I figured the experience on this forum might save me similar trouble with the Glock. Thanks!
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    From what I've heard the Winchester Silvertips use a nickel-plated copper jacket. Countless people have used them in Glocks with no problem, but there were some instances of KB's with the 10mm load used in G20's. It was likely some sort of quality control issue that led to severe overpressure, possibly a double-charged round. I've never heard of problems with them in other calibers in any firearm including Glocks.

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    Thanks Voyager. I'm glad I can use the ammo.
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    Welcome pbrause, I don't think I saw you in our intro section? Welcome, I f you get a chance go to the Introduction section and tell us a liitle about yourself, maybe some Glock pictures? Enjoy.
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    I forgot all about a/s/l. Lmao
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    I love seeing the families, specially the young ones that soon grow into large families! Addiction perhaps, Perfection absolutely!!! Don't know about the rest, never been in any other forum.
  9. Holy s*** a/s/l...I havent seen or used that in years. I just died laughing!
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    I didn't even know Win. was still making the Silver Tip, but I have shot it through my Glocks back when it was a popular round without any issues.
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    For target practice get the cheapest stuff you can find and shoot a ton of it.
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    The boxes looked a little old fashioned that's why I asked. I had never heard of the stuff. My dad gave them to me with a about 1500 rounds of 7.62 for my AK 47. He even threw in a couple hundred rounds of 9mm. I didn't want to sound ungrateful so I asked you guys. Thanks everyone for helping me out.
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    Yeah when All the PD's and Sheriffs were carrying it we got it for free so we shot the crap out of it. My G17 (1st Gen) never had a fouling problem!