Two law enforcement agencies, separated by a 1,000 miles and the Mississippi River, have decided to go Glock in the past few weeks, making history of sorts for both.

Rubber City

Akron, the fifth-largest city in Ohio, dates back to 1825 and is home to some 200,000 people. Keeping the city safe is the Akron PD, a professional force of over 450 officers who have repeatedly put their lived on the line for their city and its people. In fact, in the past 98 years, no less than 24 Akron lawmen have fallen in the line of duty including Officer Frank D. Mancini who died in 2012 following complications from a bullet he received in a gunfight while trying to apprehend two armed robbers.

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Its stories like Ofc. Mancini's that keep APD on point looking to give its officers an advantage. The city has carried Glock 22s since 2003. With these guns now pushing a decade of use, the city is taking advantage of a program with a local Glock distributor to trade in their current armory of Gen 3 .40 caliber sidearms for 480 new Gen.4 models to allow the city a few "spare" guns for training and maintenance replacements.

The $192,000 cost of these guns, after the trade for the old ones, is only going to run the city some $36,000-- or about $75 per Glock.

"This seems like a no-brainer," said Councilman Donnie Kammer, who chairs the Public Safety Committee, as reported by

The new guns will be in the city, termed the Rubber Capital of the World due to the location of Goodyear's headquarters in town, by next summer.

Cherokee Nation

Tahlequah was founded as capital of the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma in 1839. The town of some 16,000, whose name is a Cherokee word possibly meaning grain or rice, is still home to two federally recognized tribes, the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians and the modern Cherokee Nation and many of the street signs are still in Cherokee today.

The local police force, the Tahlequah Police Department, made history for the department as reported by the Tahlequah Daily Press by issuing their officers the first department-provided guns. Prior to this month, officers had to cough up their own sidearms.

The choice of the TPD? Glock 17s and 19s in 9mm, complete with rail-mounted taclights.

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"This is the first time in Tahlequah's history that officers have been issued weapons," Chief Nate King said. "They will be required to carry these guns on duty. One big selling point is that every officer has the same gun, magazines, bullets, clips. Officers can share bullets, and that's something that hadn't ever happened in Tahlequah before."

The guns cost TPD $14,500, though the article doesn't say how many were bought. As the officers no doubt kept their personal guns, Tahlequah didn't get the same sweet deal that Akron did.

Nonetheless, they are all on the same page at least.