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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Boracay, May 25, 2012.

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    Wow, that a very cool ad.
    Love it!!!!

  3. chuckds

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    Thanks for posting the ad
  4. series11

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    Can't see it on my work computer, I'll try it at home....
  5. GAgal

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    That's a great ad. To bad we never get to see these on TV.
  6. Birddogyz

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  7. Dark Knight

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    Now all we need is a glock super bowl add
  8. Yeah, sweet ad, but I still like Gunnys ads better....somebody picked the wrong place!
  9. ChromeDome

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    That gave me goose bumps!!
  10. bigben

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    Man, that was awesome!!!
  11. dslmac2

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    Very well done ad. Short, simple and to the point. Hope to see it on TV at some point.
  12. bfish

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    This was my exact thought as I was watching it haha heck yeah!
  13. This may sound like I live in a cave, but have any gun manufacturers taken advantage of the few gun shows now on television and started advertising on them? I don't watch the programs on television, just catch them on the internet after their initial air date, and was just wondering.
  14. Danzig

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    Fox News has been running Henry firearm ads for ages now. The cable channels like Spotsmans channel and outdoors channel have Springfield, Taurus, and other gun and accessory ads. I haven't seen any on a network channel though.