Glock 45 acp 30 round mags?

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    Are there any decent companies that makes good ones?
  2. The general consensus is that non-factory (non-Glock) mags suffer many flaws and while okay for the range, nobody would use them when their life might be on the line.

    Given that, having many non-factory mags, one might make the mistake of loading one of those for HD or CC, and that could be a life ending mistake.

    Also, Glock firearms are less expensive in comparison to similar quality brands, so the extra price for factory mags is a fair trade off.

    I have heard that Arredondo makes very high quality, but that the others should be avoided.

  3. Boracay

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    Assuming that Hi-cap is legal in your State:

    There's an extension made by Magpul for KRISS Super V SMG. You can buy just the extension kit or the package (G21 mag + extension). Its not compatible with a 10 rnd mag.

    You can get it HERE.
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  4. I want a Kriss so bad. My cousin is on the verge of ordering one. His wife is better than mine. Wish I could trade personalities :).
  5. Boracay

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    Give your cousin 35 bucks so he could order 2..

    Oh.. perhaps you meant the Kriss Super V itself? That would take a lot of persuasion.. Goodluck! :D
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    For the price...I would go with OEM Glock...JMHO
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    I'd do the same. Throw a couple of bucks more, i'll get 2 new extra mags. :)
  8. Yes they are. The down side is that they cost more then the factory mag. I have 4 G21 mags with them on. Planing on putting them on all of my G21 mags. With this you will have 17 + 1 rounds of .45acp. :D

    I might pick up one of those 30 round mags just for the fun of it.

    An midway usa is running a sale on factory glock mags till the end of this month ;).
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    Thanks for the replies guys. So does Glock make a 30 rd mag for 45 acp? If not what's the biggest they make? I had always bought OEM mags or mecgar. Anything else had gave me issues with my fire arms.
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    Glock don't make hi-cap mags for .45acp. KRISS is just an extension (just like Arredondo), you're still gonna use your OEM G21 Mag & follower. It is made by Magpul & it comes with ISMI spring specifically made for the 30rnd capacity. Both are reputable companies. IMO, I believe it won't give you any issues. :)

    Arredondo = +4
    KRISS = +17

    **Both has almost the same price...
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    Thats an aftermarket, Glock doesn't make one.

    Scherer is the only after market mag that I have, I have about a half dozen 29rd mags for the G22, all but one of them has been great, the one was a jamming pos from the start
  12. Sorry, I took it you meant ANY high cap mags in .45acp. Yea they don't make factory glock high cap mags in .45acp. Just after market ones.
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    Thanks for the info guys.