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I have a G19 Gen 5 and want a cheap(er) way to train/put rounds down range. The G44 is the .22LR version of the G19; it is extremely light weight. I have a tungsten recoil guide rod in my 19 with a 17lb spring. I was wondering if you could put a tungsten guide rod in the G44 to get the weight similar to the G19. Assume you'd have to put the lightest recoil spring available (if the stock G44 spring didn't fit the tungsten rod - haven't been able to look at the G44 innards to see if it has a captured spring/guide rod assembly - if so, you'd have to go with a separate recoil spring.)
Alternatively, I could go with a .22LR conversion kit that uses the G19 lower with a .22 slide (about $100 cheaper than a G44). But, do I get into the same potential problem: Tungsten guide rod and 17lb spring - too heavy for the .22LR to cycle? Not sure the lightest recoil spring available.
Anybody got any experience/advice?

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The G 44 uses a captured spring with two different weight springs,I have had no need to change them to something else.
The G 44 as is just works and eats everything but subsonic or underpowered standard velocity ammunition,soory I can't offer the advice you are in search of.
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